5 methods to improve your Airbnb properties’ rankings

5 methods to boost your airbnb ranking


Getting a large number of bookings at the right Airbnb ranking is undoubtedly the main goal of vacation rental and property managers, because it can directly impact the revenue generated by the property. A higher ranking on Airbnb increases the visibility of the property to potential guests, making it more likely to be booked. Additionally, a higher ranking also means that the airbnb property management is considered to be of high quality and value by guests, which can lead to more positive reviews and repeat bookings.



Why is it important to improve your Airbnb properties’ ranking?

In recent years, trends continue to point to a significant increase in the number of travel and vacation trips taken per year (with the exception of the two pandemic years). Therefore, platforms such as Airbnb are now gaining more prominence than ever, and are essential tools for these property managers.

That is why now more than ever to achieve an effective property management for airbnb by improving your airbnb metrics is essential to optimize the management of your business, boost your bookings and increase your profit.

If you are also one of them and you are looking for your properties to have a good positioning on Airbnb, keep reading and learn how to do the best airbnb property management.



What are the key factors that affect ranking?

A high Airbnb ranking can lead to increased visibility and more bookings, which ultimately can impact the revenue generated by the property. By understanding the factors that affect ranking, property managers can make informed decisions to improve their properties’ position and increase their chances of getting more bookings.

Based on a variety of information that has about your properties, Airbnb’s algorithm evaluates their popularity. In this way, Airbnb ranking takes into account, among others, the frequency of visitors and bookings, the cleaning of your property, check-in instructions, amenities, are some of the most important ones.

It’s important to note that the ranking algorithm is always evolving and changing, so it’s essential for vacation rental and property managers to stay up-to-date with the current ranking criteria to ensure their properties are performing well.

Do you want to know how to increase your Airbnb ranking and improve your airbnb property management? Keep reading!



5 methods to increase your Airbnb ranking

Below, we give you the tips you need to improve your positioning and visibility on Airbnb ranking, and increase your bookings and get a great return for your business.

1. Manage your reviews

Review management is one of the main factors. The number of reviews is also an element that airbnb takes into account, especially if they are five stars. If your accommodation has good opinions about the quality of its services, this will favor your position on the ranking. Try to get your customers to leave a good comment about your property at the end of their stay.


2. Login daily

Managing your properties on a daily basis and keeping them up to date is one of the main aspects that Airbnb´s algorithm takes into account to set its ranking.

Keeping your availability calendar up to date is key. Airbnb’s SEO algorithm is largely based on how often you update information such as rates, availability dates, etc. If your property does not receive bookings for an extended period of time, make small changes or modifications to the dates and keep it constantly updated.

You can use tools such as Hostify’s channel manager to keep your calendar and bookings up to date. You will be able to synchronize and centralize all the data, avoid errors, and forget about making manual changes on every platform.


3. Respond quickly

In the line of updates, it’s essential to give a prompt and quick response to your potential customers. Communication is another factor that Airbnb considers important. Never take more than 24 hours to reply. This way, you will get more bookings and eventually you will end up getting the ‘Superhost’ position.

Getting a good position on Airbnb is not difficult, but it will require your time and attention.


4. Become a Superhost

The Superhost program is Airbnb’s way of recognizing the most experienced hosts. A category for those who work hard to always provide the best service to their guests. 

To achieve this status, you need to meet a number of requirements to qualify for the Superhost program: complete a minimum of 10 stays or 3 bookings totaling at least 100 nights; have a response rate of 90% or higher; cancellation rate of 1% or less (1 cancellation per 100 reservations); And of course, an overall rate of 4.8 (over the last 365 days).

Strive to achieve these conditions and you will see how it will be worth it for your business and your profits.


5. Offer discounts

The price of your accommodation is, without a doubt, one of the most important factors to increase Airbnb rankings. It is the main aspect why clients compare you with your competitors and will make them choose them or you. 

Setting the right price for each channel to suit the service we are offering, cover the costs and meet the expectations of our clients is essential to boost your listings. In addition, making certain modifications and adjustments to the prices and rates of your properties can help you move up in the results. 

So don’t be afraid to offer discounts and make all the changes you need!



Mistakes to avoid

Now you know the tips for improving your Airbnb search ranking, but it is also important to be aware of possible mistakes and work to try to avoid them.

Avoid canceling bookings

Try not to cancel any booking is essential. The more bookings you cancel, the worse your positioning on the platform will be. Avoid canceling your guests’ bookings by setting the right expectations and offering a clear description of the rules of your property, the services offered by your accommodation, and more.


Not use well stay restrictions 

Do not limit the minimum days of stay if you are not sure how to use it. Offer your guests the possibility to spend even a single day in your accommodation will increase your occupancy, but also your costs.

Stay restrictions can be a good ally for your rental business, but you have to know how to use them.

The more restrictions you apply to your properties, the more restrictions you will be placing on your customers when booking. Likewise, they will reduce your visits, focusing on more specific stays and it will be something that the platform will also take into account. 


Provide incomplete information

One of the main mistakes that any property manager should avoid on Airbnb is offering incomplete and inaccurate information about their properties that does not resemble reality. 

It is important to give a realistic image of your property, so that your guests know what to expect from the stay. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your guests and reviews.

Provide a complete description and information about the services offered by your accommodation – more than 175 words recommended –  and take care of the quality of your text, making sure that it is clear and attractive: specific check-in instructions of each property, location, amenities, and more.


Make sure your photographs are accurate

You should also be very careful and pay great attention to the photographs you show of your properties. Images are the first thing many clients look at. 

The recommendation is to have more than 16 images per listing or property. It is preferable quality over quantity, this means that It is better to provide few photos at a good quality, rather than many inaccurate ones. So you must also take great care with the resolution of your photos. 



Now you know how Airbnb metrics work, and how to improve your airbnb ranking, as well as the best tips for proper Airbnb property management, and the mistakes you should avoid. So now you can put it into practice and become the best Airbnb property manager

Maximize your visibility by following these tips. Help yourself also with the tools that Hostify offers you, and which can guarantee the best performance and benefit for your business. Book your demo today!



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