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Streamline your guest arrivals with automated check-ins for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

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A good check-in management means more revenue in the future. Collecting this information and automatically synchronizing it with Hostify will help your business to streamline the registration process, reduce manual work and save a lot of time!

Manage your vacation rentals effectively and organize your check-ins and check-outs by automatically confirming your clients’ arrival times, contact details, nationality, and ensuring your clients e-sign your customized contracts, before their arrival.

Key Features

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You can create custom forms for different listings, with specific fields and conditions.

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Document upload

Guests can easily upload their personal ID documents.

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Rental Agreement

You can create dynamic contracts with electronic signatures using our flexible tool.

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You can add your own logo and colors to the interface.

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Multi-language interface

Our product currently supports English and Spanish, with more languages to come.

Benefits for Hosts

Improved guest experience

Hostify’s automated check-in process will significantly improve your guests’ experience by reducing waiting time and providing a fast, contactless check-in process.

Time savings

Automating the check-in process eliminates manual tasks and saves you and your guests time.

Unique online check-in

Offering an online check-in process sets your business apart in the industry and provides a competitive advantage.

Forget tedious and manual processes

By automating the check-in process, you can simplify your business operations and reduce the time spent on manual tasks.

Secure data storage

All data generated from the check-in process is stored in a secure cloud, ensuring your guests’ information is safe.

Additional information and services

You can request additional information from your guests or offer different services through the check-in process.

Online rental agreements

Hostify allows you to send rental agreements to your guests for them to sign online before their arrival.

How It Works

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1. Send a message to the customer with the link to the check-in form

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2. Once received, they will have to upload all the information required: personal information, nationality, upload pictures for the ID/Passport, booking details, etc.

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3. You will also be able to add a customized rental agreement with your conditions that they will have to sign up online before arrival.
That is all you need to do!


Online Check-in is a simple and hassle-free process that allows you to streamline the check-in process for your guests, freeing up valuable time that you can invest in growing your business.

If you manage multiple tourist accommodations, the fully automated process allows you to manage everything from one centralized platform. All information will be updated and synchronized in real-time, making your life easier.

In addition to the time savings, Online Check-in provides a fast and contactless experience for your guests, which is essential for promoting safe and secure tourism.

The lead guest can complete the Online Check-in for all members of their party, or they can share the form link with them for individual completion.

With every mobile check-in completed by your guests, you can view the updated information in real-time through the Chekin dashboard. This also allows you to check the information before it is transferred to your police account.

Yes, you can use the Chekin tool to scan and input your guests’ information at the time of their arrival.

Absolutely! You can customize the communication with your guests by adding your company logo and personalizing the templates through the Chekin dashboard.

Experience the benefits of automated check-ins for your vacation rental business today!

See Why Our Customers Love Hostify

TuSereno, Spain
TuSereno, SpainJose Huescar, Co-founder
Read More
Since bringing Hostify on board, our efficiency and productivity have soared thanks to its advanced automation features. We've been able to customize and streamline our workflows like never before. Hostify's top-notch customer service quickly handles any issues, ensuring a seamless and positive user experience. In short, Hostify has been a game-changer for our growth and success, enhancing our customer interactions and making our daily operations a breeze.
Virtual Homes, Mexico
Virtual Homes, MexicoNathan Carrillo, Co-Founder and CEO
Read More
Hostify is a total game-changer! Their automation features and website are an absolute godsend. We've bid farewell to manual tasks – everything's automated, from bookings to guest communications. And with their booking website, we've slashed those channel commission fees and seen a significant increase in direct bookings. It's super intuitive and easy to use. With Hostify taking the reins, I can focus on making guests happy and growing my business effortlessly. It's a win-win!
Cielo Stays, USA
Cielo Stays, USAJose Miori - President/Managing Broker
Read More
Hostify was the most complete solution with a very competitive and clear pricing strategy. The direct booking engine is better than any other, very easy to implement, and fully integrated with the calendar system and all the tools. We found Hostify to be the best tool to automate all the operations, channel management, payments, etc. They have significantly improved the efficiency of our operations and allowed our staff to focus on the guest experience.
VLCHost, Spain
VLCHost, SpainEnrique Alonso, Founder and CEO
Read More
After exploring numerous PMS options, Hostify quickly became our top choice. Their exceptional support and attention to detail impressed us right from the start. Hostify's robust channel management and adaptable features perfectly suit our management style, making tasks like automated payments, deposits, communications, and invoicing a breeze. Hostify's continuous improvements and dedication to innovation keep surpassing our expectations.
Loginn, Israel
Loginn, IsraelDonna Livay - CEO
Read More
Ever since we started hosting we have been investigating and using at least 5-7 different channel manager systems, none were as good as Hostify. Software is super easy to use, the display is fast, features are useful, some were actually tailor made for me. My favorite feature is their amazing inbox and beautiful website template. Hostify’s team is thrilled to create the best features for hosts and hotel managers, they put so much thought into our needs and they have created the best channel manager system I have seen. Also, they are super responsive and answer almost any question within no time. We operate 70 units and we highly recommend Hostify!
MaiobfvAndrea Puibaraud
Read More
I own and manage 11 vacation rental properties in Maui by myself. This would not have been possible without Hostify. I have researched many so-called tech platforms in this industry, attended many conferences, spoke to senior tech engineers of many companies claiming to be the best. None of them can come close to the technology built by Hostify. Hostify team are the smartest, most responsive, competent, approachable people I have ever dealt with. I am in awe with these guys. They are simply the best at what they do.

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