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Hostify Mobile App

A powerful tool to help you stay on top of any last minute changes and communicate with your clients on the Go.

Manage your reservations from your smartphone!

Do you have a busy schedule? Are you always on the go? Hostify got you covered! Our Mobile App gives you the flexibility to manage properties and communicate with clients from anywhere, anytime. 

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Hostify got you covered!

Hostify App is a key addition to the suite of technologies to professionalize the vacation rental experience for property owners and property managers, and drive efficiency in operations

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Communicate with your guests using our Unified Inbox

Communicate with all your guests no matter which channel they come from. Get real time updates and  improve your response time.

Keep a smooth communication with your guests. Contact them via SMS, through the channels or even Whatsapp.

Push notifications alerts

Stay on the top of your properties no matter where you are with our notifications alert!

Get real-time notifications every time you receive a message from a customer. 

You’ll also get notifications every time you receive new bookings, booking inquiries, or last minute cancellations so you won’t miss anything!

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Manage your reservations from anywhere

Track past and future bookings, improve your response time, respond to and accept customer inquiries and much more.

Get real time updates and stay on top of your bookings anytime.

Check Your Listings information at anytime

Manage all your listings easily with Hostify mobile App. Have an overview of all your properties, amenities, descriptions, channels you advertise on. You can also filter them by name, city, or tags.

Hostify App it’s very easy to use and fast! 

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Download Hostify App Today

The Hostify app is available for iPhone and Android systems. Completely free to all Hostify customers

What does the future hold for Hostify mobile app?

A great mobile experience is extremely important in the travel industry. This app is a first version focused on getting our clients on top of their guest communications and reservations. But we are still working around the clock to improve and implement many more features of our core offerings in the near future to keep your management on the top: Multicalendar, price adjustments, task management and much more

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