Unified inbox for vacation rentals

Communicate with all your guests from a single unified inbox. No more time spent checking a dozen Airbnb inboxes every day!

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Meet the industry’s most advanced inbox tool


Everything centralized

  • Simplify your workflow with our centralized dashboard
  • No need to switch between accounts or messaging centers
  • Native message connection with Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo
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Keep The Overview

All bookings details are just a click away!

  • Manage your custom fields directly from your conversations
  • Enjoy quick access to all booking actions such as extensions and cancellations
  • Approve or decline booking requests on Airbnb
  • Added capability to approve or request booking alterations or cancellations for Airbnb
  • Stay in control of your bookings at all times.
  • Quick links to send payment requests or check-in forms to the guests
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Get organized!

Turn your guest communication inbox into a well-organized ticketing system!

  • See all ongoing conversations at a glance.
  • Label the conversations, mark them as a priority
  • Quickly manage and organize your inbox by snoozing or closing threads once you’re done.
  • Enjoy instant page updates for your users, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.
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Team work made easy! New

No more miscommunications or crossed wires.

  • Boost your team’s productivity with internal notes and the ability to mark conversations as a priority.
  • Assign conversations to different users
  • Assign custom tags to categorize conversations according to your process and needs
  • Keep track of who changed what and where in your inbox with your inbox’s multi-user support.
  • Ensure seamless and efficient collaboration.

Speed up replies

  • Save time by creating message templates.
  • Reduce your response times significantly.
  • Use dynamic variables such as guest names and property details to keep your message templates personal and efficient.

Email, Whatsapp or SMS

  • Native message integration with Airbnb, Booking.com and Vrbo
  • Two-way communication through the channel app, email, WhatsApp, or SMS.
  • Send visually appealing messages using HTML emails and templates.
  • Get real-time notifications for every guest reply to ensure quick and efficient communication.
  • Keep all guest conversations in one place for easy management and organization across multiple channels.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • 2-way image and photo messaging capabilities, making it easy to send quick instructions and receive photos of potential issues.
  • Add personality and fun to your messages using emojis and predefined GIFs.
  • Enhance communication with your guests and make it more engaging and effective

Why not go a step further and automate the whole process? Create and schedule automatic messages for various events such as booking confirmations, check-in instructions, payment reminders, check-out reminders and instructions, reviews reminders, and more.

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Your Unified Inbox On The Go

  • Manage all guest communications in one place, across multiple channels (Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo).
  • Stay on top of messages with customizable alerts on mobile or desktop.
  • Access your unified inbox from anywhere with our Mobile App (link to the app).
  • Respond to guests quickly, manage reservations and listings, and stay connected with your guests at all times.
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Language detection New

Set up your automated messages by country/language and leave Hostify to do the rest, now we automatically capture where your clients are coming from in order to send the messages in their native tongue

Inbox Reports New
  • Measure all the different KPIs from your front desk in our very detailed reporting inbox section
  • Keep track of new conversations over time
  • Compare current metrics with previous periods
  • Track your team’s performance – conversation close time and response time
  • See on overview chart of weekly new conversation
  • Effortlessly export data

Streamline communication with all your guests in one place!

See Why Our Customers Love Hostify

LisbeyondMauh Mosterd - Co-founder
Read More
We have been working with Hostify from an early stage and both our company and Hostify has been growing over the past years. It has been a great collaboration, in which we are always able to reach out with any doubts, questions or feedback. The support is very good and we are always helped swiftly (even on weekends if there is an emergency). We use the software every day and are super content with how everything works, the ease for the team to use the multi-inbox, multi-calendar view and more.
The Urban Host
The Urban HostJose Mª Diz Portela - CEO and Founder
Read More
After a long process testing multiple PMS, Hostify is the one that best suits my needs. From minute one the attention and care for my company has been impressive. The functionalities that it has meet my requirements and facilitate my work enormously, saving us time in a lot of repetitive tasks: Automating payments, deposits, communications, reviews... The incredible versatility of the reports and all the information offered, have allowed me to study the market and be able to focus on other very important areas to grow my business. For me a dream comes true that gets better every day, because the work of the development team is simply top notch.
Cielo Stays
Cielo StaysJose Miori - President/Managing Broker
Read More
Hostify was the most complete solution with a very competitive and clear pricing strategy. The direct booking engine is better than any other, very easy to implement, and fully integrated with the calendar system and all the tools. We found Hostify to be the best tool to automate all the operations, channel management, payments, etc. They have significantly improved the efficiency of our operations and allowed our staff to focus on the guest experience.
StaykeepersIvo Gospodinov - Co-founder
Read More
We are managing 1500+ short let properties properties & must say that the Hostify product it's really standing out from the other comparisons, they are constantly keeping flow of new meaningful for a management company features. Because of the volume of properties we manage we have been located account manger and any assistance we need happens almost immediately! Highly recommended especially if you are medium o large property management company!
LoginnDonna Livay - CEO
Read More
Ever since we started hosting we have been investigating and using at least 5-7 different channel manager systems, none were as good as Hostify. Software is super easy to use, the display is fast, features are useful, some were actually tailor made for me. My favorite feature is their amazing inbox and beautiful website template. Hostify’s team is thrilled to create the best features for hosts and hotel managers, they put so much thought into our needs and they have created the best channel manager system I have seen. Also, they are super responsive and answer almost any question within no time. We operate 70 units and we highly recommend Hostify!
MaiobfvAndrea Puibaraud
Read More
I own and manage 11 vacation rental properties in Maui by myself. This would not have been possible without Hostify. I have researched many so-called tech platforms in this industry, attended many conferences, spoke to senior tech engineers of many companies claiming to be the best. None of them can come close to the technology built by Hostify. Hostify team are the smartest, most responsive, competent, approachable people I have ever dealt with. I am in awe with these guys. They are simply the best at what they do.

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