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Unified Inbox For Vacation Rentals

No more time spent checking a dozen Airbnb inboxes every day. Here you'll find all your guest messages. From your accounts on every platform.

Check once. Job done.

Skip time spent switching between Airbnb accounts or logging into different messaging centers. Check one dashboard for all your accounts from all channels –, Expedia, HomeAway, TripAdvisor…

Speed up replies

Save message templates and cut your response times down to a fraction. Dynamic variables for guest names, properties and more keep your message templates personal as well as productive.

Communicate your way

Through Hostify you can also send emails or messages by SMS. Get notified immediately for every guest reply and keep track of the whole conversation in the Inbox.

Send instructions easily

Hostify supports 2-way image and photo messages. Sending quick instructions has never been so simple.

Smoothly coordinate multiple users

No more miscommunications or crossed wires. See who changed what and where with your inbox’s multi-user support.

Automate your admin

Why not go a step further and automate the whole process? Create and schedule automatic messages for events like date confirmations, check-ins and check-outs:
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