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Automated Airbnb Messages & More

Automated messages, prices, payments and reviews are just a click away! It's the easy way to boost your productivity with Hostify.

Create personal automated messages

Prepare custom messages and use dynamic variables to keep them personal. Preview them. Now they’re ready to be sent out through the Airbnb app, email, SMS – whichever you prefer.


Set unique triggers

A new inquiry. A change in status. Reservation updates. Payments. Set up and refine trigger criteria for when your custom messages are sent out – or automatically assigned to a member of your team using integrated apps like Asana.

Boost your listings' rankings

An ultra-fast response rate will boost the rankings of all your listings. Set up automated responses – which still sound personal thanks to those dynamic variables – for all kinds of inquiries and messages.

Post reviews automatically

Create custom or predefined review templates and rotate them randomly. Use the same dynamic placeholders and variables to personalize them. Need to get specific or negative? No problem. You can still post manually.

Automate payment processing

Automate deposit receipt. Split payments according to your cancellation policy. Get notified when payments succeed or fail. Integrate with Stripe. You set the rules. There’s no more need to handle all payments manually.

Get the best value from your properties

Use automatic pricing rules to update your daily pricing dynamically. Fill in gaps between reservations with specific discounts. Up your prices for events and weekends. Improving your occupancy rate and revenue has never been so simple.
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