Guest Reviews Management

Easily manage guest reviews from Airbnb, all in one place.
Having a proper strategy for managing your reviews will allow you to control all the comments left by your guest and ensure your properties and vacation rentals convey a positive reputation.

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Centralize your review management

Manage your Airbnb reviews through Hostify and centralize the management of your bookings from start to finish. Conveniently receive, manage, and respond to customer reviews, all from one place!

  • Review Scores at a Glance – Explore average review scores per category and per listing on an intuitive performance chart.
  • Fine-Tuned Analysis – Utilize powerful filters and search options to drill down into review data. Extract valuable insights and trends that help you enhance your guest experience.
  • Actionable Data Export – Effortlessly export review data for in-depth analysis. Use the exported information to fuel your decision-making and refine your offerings.
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Airbnb Reviews Tags

Easily detect your strengths and weaknesses based on your guestโ€™s feedback

  • Predefined tag sets – Utilize a comprehensive set of predefined tags to categorize guest feedback. Easily analyze reviews per category, highlighting specific areas that shine or need attention.
  • Positive and Negative Evaluation – Efficiently classify guest reviews as positive or negative, simplifying your assessment process. Quickly understand the sentiment behind each review.
  • Enhanced Efficiency – Simplify and expedite the guest review process. By employing tags, you streamline your review management, ensuring every feedback is addressed effectively.
  • Additional meta information – The additional meta information allows you to identify common issues and tailor your improvements accordingly.
  • Detect the most common issues – Access deeper insights by detecting recurring patterns and themes.
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Reviews Reporting

  • Focused Reporting Options – Choose Between Single Review and Listing Score Reports
  • Single Review Reports – Gain granular insights into individual guest feedback. Understand the specifics of each review, allowing you to address concerns and capitalize on commendations.
  • Direct Guest Interaction from Hostify – Respond promptly and directly to guest feedback through Hostify’s seamless interface. Strengthen guest relations by acknowledging their input and demonstrating your commitment to improvement.
  • Customisable Reporting – Leverage our library of predefined reports to kick-start your analysis or shape reports according to your distinct needs.
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Airbnb Listing Quality Status

  • Monitor and Improve – Stay on top of your property’s presentation with the Listing Quality Status feature.
  • Review Scores: Analyze average review scores and trends to ensure your property consistently meets guest expectations.
  • Guest Feedback: Dive into guest comments to identify strengths and areas for improvement, driving enhanced guest experiences.
  • Performance Metrics: Track vital metrics like response rates and booking conversions, ensuring your listing performs at its best.
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Automate Airbnb Guest Reviews

Save time by automating your Airbnb review management from our Automation section! Create custom or use predefined review templates and rotate them randomly. Use the same dynamic placeholders and variables to personalize them, schedule when you want to send them, and that’s all! Need to get specific or negative? No problem. You can still post manually.

Display Reviews on Your Website

Take control of your reviews and improve the reputation of your Booking Website. Give confidence and credibility to your company by showing authentic Airbnb reviews on your website.

With our seamless integration, you can effortlessly showcase Airbnb reviews and display them on your rental website, increasing your credibility and boosting your conversion rate.

Join us today and let the world hear your guests’ love for your properties!

Take control of your vacation rental business today!

See Why Our Customers Love Hostify

TuSereno, Spain
TuSereno, SpainJose Huescar, Co-founder
Read More
Since bringing Hostify on board, our efficiency and productivity have soared thanks to its advanced automation features. We've been able to customize and streamline our workflows like never before. Hostify's top-notch customer service quickly handles any issues, ensuring a seamless and positive user experience. In short, Hostify has been a game-changer for our growth and success, enhancing our customer interactions and making our daily operations a breeze.
Virtual Homes, Mexico
Virtual Homes, MexicoNathan Carrillo, Co-Founder and CEO
Read More
Hostify is a total game-changer! Their automation features and website are an absolute godsend. We've bid farewell to manual tasks โ€“ everything's automated, from bookings to guest communications. And with their booking website, we've slashed those channel commission fees and seen a significant increase in direct bookings. It's super intuitive and easy to use. With Hostify taking the reins, I can focus on making guests happy and growing my business effortlessly. It's a win-win!
Cielo Stays, USA
Cielo Stays, USAJose Miori - President/Managing Broker
Read More
Hostify was the most complete solution with a very competitive and clear pricing strategy. The direct booking engine is better than any other, very easy to implement, and fully integrated with the calendar system and all the tools. We found Hostify to be the best tool to automate all the operations, channel management, payments, etc. They have significantly improved the efficiency of our operations and allowed our staff to focus on the guest experience.
VLCHost, Spain
VLCHost, SpainEnrique Alonso, Founder and CEO
Read More
After exploring numerous PMS options, Hostify quickly became our top choice. Their exceptional support and attention to detail impressed us right from the start. Hostify's robust channel management and adaptable features perfectly suit our management style, making tasks like automated payments, deposits, communications, and invoicing a breeze. Hostify's continuous improvements and dedication to innovation keep surpassing our expectations.
Loginn, Israel
Loginn, IsraelDonna Livay - CEO
Read More
Ever since we started hosting we have been investigating and using at least 5-7 different channel manager systems, none were as good as Hostify. Software is super easy to use, the display is fast, features are useful, some were actually tailor made for me. My favorite feature is their amazing inbox and beautiful website template. Hostifyโ€™s team is thrilled to create the best features for hosts and hotel managers, they put so much thought into our needs and they have created the best channel manager system I have seen. Also, they are super responsive and answer almost any question within no time. We operate 70 units and we highly recommend Hostify!
MaiobfvAndrea Puibaraud
Read More
I own and manage 11 vacation rental properties in Maui by myself. This would not have been possible without Hostify. I have researched many so-called tech platforms in this industry, attended many conferences, spoke to senior tech engineers of many companies claiming to be the best. None of them can come close to the technology built by Hostify. Hostify team are the smartest, most responsive, competent, approachable people I have ever dealt with. I am in awe with these guys. They are simply the best at what they do.

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