Hostify’s channel manager: 5 reasons why you should give it a try

Hostify's channel manager: 5 reasons why you should give it a try


Diversifying your online presence is one of the most important strategies for any property manager to increase your online visibility and grow their business. But it is not an easy task, working with different channels implies expanding efforts and being very aware of the availability of each listing. For this, today there are many software or channel managers that help to make a simpler and more effective management of your properties.

The property management and vacation rental sector is not lagging behind either, and more and more owners are deciding to incorporate a software for property management that facilitates the management of their business and increases its efficiency and profitability.

The automation and centralization of business’s processes is a growing trend, and more and more companies are deciding to automate their processes. This is because automations allow processes and tasks to be carried out in a much more complete, fast and efficient way that would not be achieved manually. 


Having a Channel Manager for vacation rentals will provide you with a number of advantages that will make a difference in the management of your business, helping you to increase your profits for the ease increase in visibility and a more effective availability management.

At Hostify, we can help you! With our PMS-Channel Manager, you can work smarter and grow using powerful tools designed to streamline your business. Synchronize all your data and reservations from all your channels and platforms: listings, content, availability, pricing, etc.

In this article we explain everything you need to know about Hostify’s Channel Manager and why this is the perfect solution for your business.



What is a Channel Manager?

A Channel Manager is the most indispensable element for property managers. It is a key application for channel management that will make your property processes more efficient and effective, saving time, effort and money.

It allows you to facilitate the management of all the sales channels and OTAs where your properties are advertised on, from a single platform. sSynchronize and centralize all the information and reservations, to save the effort and time involved in manual management, and thus avoid possible problems derived from it.



What are the benefits of using Hostify’s Channel Manager?

Thinking about using Hostify’s Channel Manager to manage your properties? Hostify is a channel manager but also a PMS, that is why it also provides many other tools and functionalities for property management. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Hostify:


Centralized Booking Management

Hostify’s Channel Manager offers you a single centralized platform for managing your reservations, availability, and integrating perfectly with your other systems, facilitating the management and increasing your work efficiency. Therefore, Hostify is the best solution to avoid booking collapses, and the best way to say goodbye to overbookings.


Better organization

The centralization of your functionalities and their visualization from a single platform will greatly facilitate their organization. This will help you to avoid mistakes and get organized faster and more efficiently. 

For this, Hostify provides you with a Dashboard for a better visualization of your bookings. In addition, due to it is also a PMS, with Hostify you can automate your processes for a more efficient management, assigning the different tasks to members of your team, creating personalized users and different roles to access more specific information, automatizing your communications, providing online check in, a more efficient management of guests payments, and much more.


Saved time and effort

The unnecessary long hours spent organizing your business and trying to manage all the processes are over. 

Say goodbye to all those hours checking different inboxes, or logging in and out of different platforms to check if a booking has been received or if the calendar needs to be closed. Save time and effort with Hostify by easily synchronizing your channels, automatically managing availability and managing your bookings from one place. Increase team efficiency, automate functionalities such as price changes, and many more.

The Channel Manager allow you to dedicate that time to improving other tasks and functions for your hosting in a more complete and efficient way.


Increased occupancy rates

Thanks to the time you will save by centralizing your channels with Hostify, you will be able to spend more time on your guests and get to know their preferences to offer them the best experiences and make your bookings grow. Hostify helps you increase your visibility by connecting to different sales channels, setting up intelligent automations, and many other features. Increase your occupancy without fear of getting double bookings.


Advanced reporting

Hostify’s automation allows you to conduct a much more complete and efficient analysis of your property data and information. This will ensure greater efficiency in the management of your business, as well as automate other tasks such as analysis or periodic reports. You can also easily create all the reports you need, automate and export them.



Other useful features for property management

These are just some of the benefits of Hostify’s Channel Manager tools. But there are many more: avoid overbooking and other errors, thanks to the automatic update of the channels; increase your visibility by offering the possibility to announce your properties on different advertising platforms with the security that you can manage them all centrally from a single panel; etc.

But these are not the only ones! We count with many integrations to make your management even more complete, adding to the existing ones many other complementary and innovative services. 


As you have already seen, Hostify Channel Manager is one of the most complete solution on the market, and without a doubt the best to manage your rental properties and give them the boost they need to increase your profits and profitability. Don’t wait any longer and book your demo



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