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Vacation Rental Booking Engine

Get your own booking engine for vacation and short-term rentals. Modern, customizable and mobile-friendly! Ready to get you direct bookings with no OTA fees?

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Use all your favorite Hostify functionality

Use the same time-saving Hostify automations for pricing, online bookings, payments and more on your booking website. Manage inquiries through your Unified Inbox. Just like you do for your Airbnb accounts and other channels.

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Quick and easy set up

Set up your website in 10 minutes or less based on your Airbnb content. Or integrate Hostify with your existing website and domain through our full SSL security support.

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Customize images, colors, logo...

Create a unique look and feel for your website with easy options to customize your header, footer, images, logo and color scheme. Prominently display and promote listings on your home page. Make it your own.

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Avoid those OTA fees

With your own booking website, you’ll have a direct line to your customers. There’s no need to pay Online Travel Agency fees for bookings you get direct.
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Get support for multiple websites

Do you group listings by location, qualities or purpose? Get the same support for multiple websites and all of your brands.