The complete guide to property management automation


The unstoppable trend of digital innovation and technological development is already hitting all sectors, and the vacation rental and property management industry is not an exception. The range of services and technological tools and services available opens up a wide range of opportunities for property managers. As a result, many companies are already choosing to incorporate software and automation tools into their businesses to improve the management of their properties.


Why use property management automation software?

The automation and centralization of business’s processes is a growing trend, and more and more companies are deciding to automate their processes. This is because automations allow processes and tasks to be carried out in a much more complete, fast and efficient way that would not be achieved manually.

Providing your business with property management automation software gives managers great advantages that have a positive impact on business management, which could not be achieved through manual task management. 

Increased efficiency

The automation of your tasks will give you the opportunity to save the time you would invest in manual management. This will lead to an increase in efficiency when managing your business, allowing you to coordinate and organize your properties in a fully automatic and centralized way, and adapted to the needs of your tenants. Forget about long hours to ensure an efficient organization and management, with automation software all that is done by itself. 

Better accuracy and less errors

Making errors in the management and administration of your business is a common and easy thing to happen when you do everything manually. An automation software has the solution for that. The digital and innovative tools provided by the software will guarantee you a better accuracy as well as reduce the worry of making a mistake.

Improved communication

A property management automation software will allow you to improve guest communication. It gives you the possibility to obtain your communications centralized in a single panel, wherever they come from. 

With these tools you will be able to send messages in a fully automated way through different channels, WhatsApp, Mail, SMS, etc., as well as having customized templates. Moreover, you´ll offer your customers a more personalized communication adapted to their needs, keep in touch with them thanks to personalized and automated emails, provide them with local guides, inform them about the rules of your properties in a complete and detailed way, etc.

Easier data analysis

Through automation you will be able to conduct a much more complete and effective analysis of the data and performance of your vacation rental properties: monthly analysis, periodic reports, etc.

Having this data is only one step, but you also have to know how to interpret the data and metrics. If you know how to use this information, it will allow you to ensure the highest efficiency in the management of your properties, and increase your revenue. 



What are the must-have features for property management automation?

Now that you know why every property manager should incorporate property automation software, you need to know what tools and features your property management software should have to help your business achieve maximum efficiency and make your property management as effective as possible.

Channel manager

A Channel Manager is a digital tool to synchronize all your channels and manage the availability of your properties, in a centralized manner. Thanks to the direct connection they have, in real time with all the main channels in the market.

Having a channel manager will allow you, manage all your reservations from one platform, which means, without having to log in and out of different platforms. 


Thanks to the multi calendar you will be able to unify your calendar and manage all your bookings, rates and availability in one easy to view calendar. You can create, edit and check bookings made on any channel; change prices and block or close your availability; organize rooms and bookings; relocate guests and filter your properties, and much more. 

Define your own rules and do it in a single panel!

Unified inbox: 

Having your unified inbox will allow you to stop spending your time checking each inbox on a daily basis. In it, you will find all your customer messages, from each platform or channel you use. You will be able to consult a single portal for all your accounts from all channels: Airbnb,, Expedia, vrbo, TripAdvisor…

Save message templates and reduce response times to a fraction; send emails, SMS messages, even Whatsapp.

Vacation Rental Payment Processing

Payment processing simplifies your payment and collection process, making the most of each property with straightforward processes. It allows you to set your own automation rules and say goodbye to repetitive payment processing tasks. You will simply receive a notification when payments are successful or when deposits arrive.

Task automation:

Automate repetitive tasks such as messages, reviews, pricing and transactions, being this the easiest way to increase your productivity. You can prepare customized messages and send them automatically. You can also configure and set your own criteria, automate the payment process, and, above all, manage your cleaning and maintenance teams more efficiently. In this way, a task management software allows you to assign different tasks to your staff, coordinate the activities that need to be done, manage the needs of your properties, getting access to specific information, etc.

Booking engine

Getting a complete and updated booking website is one of the most important tools for property managers. Obtaining direct bookings and managing them in an automated manner is necessary nowadays to guarantee that the management of your properties is efficient, and to avoid problems and difficulties regarding them.

Your booking website is the main channel through which your guests will fund your properties and access them, that is why it is crucial to have your own website quickly and easily, free, modern, easy to use and mobile-friendly. Thanks to the booking engine, you will be able to receive all bookings avoiding channel commissions, customize it to define your logo and colors of preference, get support for multiple websites, and more. 



How to choose the right software?

You already know everything about property management automation, how it can benefit you and what tools it should have to make your business work with guaranteed success and obtain maximum profitability and efficiency. 

Now you just have to choose the property management software that best suits you and your needs, as well as those of your clients. Hostify PMS has all these functionalities and many others that will greatly facilitate the management of your properties and the automation of your business. So do not wait any more and book your demo with us!



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