5 tips to boost your vacation rental bookings on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and once again this year, all lovers are already thinking about how to celebrate this February 14 in the most romantic and pleasant way. Valentine’s Day is postulated as one of the dates in which there is a greater increase in consumption. According to Capital, the average expenditure continues to increase yearly, with an increment of 77% in the last three years. This celebration is the perfect opportunity for property managers to apply different property management and marketing strategies to get the most out of their properties.

It’s clear that couples don’t skimp when it comes to love. So take advantage of this, and offer your guests the best Valentine’s Day experience, just making small changes. Far from purely traditional gifts, you’ll see how your short term vacation rental profits increase as you give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.



Make your guests fall in love with your properties for Valentine’s Day with these 5 tips

Celebrations like Valentine’s Day are the perfect push your properties need to boost the sales on those days. Take into account this kind of holidays, vacations or special dates, and take advantage of them, implementing different strategies to boost your property management and attract more clients to your vacation rental properties.

Want to know how to do it? In this blog post we give you 5 tips to increase reservations on Valentine’s Day.


1. Offer unique and exclusive offers for Valentine’s Day

There is only one February 14th a year, so make it unique at your business! Set up exclusive opportunities and promotions for this celebration. This doesn’t mean that you have to reduce the rate of the stay, you can also set offers in the form of experiences or different features that include spending the night in your accommodation; a free dinner; passes for activities such as spas, massages, etc.; gift coupons; a bottle of wine, champagne, or chocolate gift; etc.

You can also offer special deals based on the number of nights they stay at your accommodation. You can set special offers for spending two or more nights in your properties for all those couples who decide to extend their Valentine’s Day celebration.

2. Make your guests fall in love with your properties

That your accommodation breathes a romantic spirit is a fundamental aspect that will make couples choose to spend Valentine’s Day in your properties. Decorate it with romantic elements: you can put a special decorations, some petals on the bed, lights or candels around the room, (and if they are aromatic, even better!). Giving them a gift by leaving a bottle of wine or champagne and two glasses on the table, chocolates, or prepare a playlist with the best repertoire with the most romantic music.

Decorate your accommodation in advance, take good pictures, publish them on your website and other channels, and let your guests to appreciate and start booking.


3. Prepare an activities guide

The accommodation should reflect a romantic spirit because it is the first thing your guests will see and compare. But what better way to complement it than with an entertaining activity guide to make it even more unforgettable? Prepare a list of places in the local area where couples can go and celebrate this day: restaurants, cinemas, theaters, karaoke bars, and more.

Give your guests a wide range of ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the local and cultural environment around your property. Include this information in the description of your accommodation and the services and features it contains, for sure, it would be something they will value and motivate them to choose your property.


4. Dress up your social platforms for Valentine’s Day

Your social media profiles are your loudspeaker, so make yourself heard! Your guests are likely checking all the information about your accommodations and services on your social platforms, so make sure they find what they need. Prepare posts that contain all the details of your services for Valentine’s Day, as well as more decorative ones that make your feed a perfect showcase for February 14.


5. And… A little bit of everything? Prepare a special ‘Valentine’s Day’ experience!

Put all the tips into one and offer your guests the chance to get an experience package they won’t be able to refuse. Prepare a ‘special Valentine’s Day’ that includes offers for spending two or more nights of your choice within Valentine’s week or a special gift like the ones we mentioned in the first tip (for example, dinner plus a pass to a local spa); decorate your property as we explained; and include in the price that guide that they can use if they want to add extra experience to their trip.

Offer this kit for a fair price, and you will see how your bookings will increase. What better plan than a complete Valentine’s Day?



Now, you have the tips you need to make your bookings soar this Valentine’s Day. From Hostify we give you the tools, you just need to apply some of these strategies and you will see your profits increase this February.




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