What is an online property management system? Simply explained

What is an online property management system? Simply explained

Have you heard of vacation rental property management softwares? Still not sure what these tools are all about? Let us explain it to you in a simple way. To give you an idea, a property management system is the “neuralgic center” of any rental management business. It is a tool that helps landlords manage their rentals in an efficient and simple way. With this system, you can perform tasks such as managing rental reservations, keeping track of payments, automating all kinds of tasks, communicating more fluidly with guests, and all from one place.

In other words, an online property management system is the reliable ally to simplify property management and make owners’ lives easier and happier.

What is the purpose of a property management system (PMS)?

A property management system is an essential tool for any property manager. Its principal function is to enable owners and managers to empower their businesses by automating tasks and processes. In addition to increasing efficiency and reducing manual errors, a PMS also focuses on improving the guest experience by allowing them to make online bookings and access all the information about their stay. It also helps hosts manage communications with their guests and create a more personalized and satisfying experience.

In addition, a PMS provides valuable property management information, such as booking and occupancy statistics, so that, owners can make informed decisions about their properties. Therefore, a PMS is a key tool in property management, as it allows for more efficient management and better use of resources.

What are some of the main features?

A PMS contains many functionalities and tools, mainly based on innovative technologies, focused on improving the guest experience and the property manager’s daily work, automating manual tasks and processes, such as cleaning and maintenance, the management of reservations, invoicing, or processing customer payments.

These are some of the main functionalities that make a PMS the most effective solution, and the best ally for property owners and managers.

Booking engine

Booking Engine is an online tool that allows guests to book accommodation directly from the website of the owner or management company. The benefits of a PMS booking engine are many, as it contributes to the improvement of many aspects such as increasing direct bookings, improving the guest experience by giving them the possibility to book in a much simpler way, saving time spent on manual processing, increasing efficiency in property management thanks to the possibility of integration with other tools, among many others.

In short, a PMS booking engine is an essential tool for any rental property, as it increases direct bookings, and saves you the commissions of channels or platforms. It is a solution that facilitates the processing of reservations and the automation of the payment process from your own website.

Reservation system

A PMS reservation system allows customers to make bookings in an automated and efficient manner, eliminating potential errors and manage their availability and bookings. This allows property managers to focus on other tasks and increase their efficiency in other aspects of their business.

It is an essential tool for property managers, offering increased efficiency, accuracy, availability, flexibility and tracking capabilities.

Unified inbox

Using the unified inbox provided by PMS, property managers can receive and manage all guest requests and bookings through a single inbox. This greatly facilitates communication between guests and the property manager or owners, as messages and requests can be handled in a more efficient and organized manner. In addition, the unified inbox can be used to automate and centralize the management of requests and messages, reducing the workload by avoiding having to switch from one platform to another to manage communications, as well as improving the guest experience..

Advanced reports

​​Advanced reporting by PMSs allows for the generation of detailed reports on the performance of each property in different aspects, such as bookings, occupancy, expenses, profitability, among others. This reporting helps property managers and owners identify trends, patterns and opportunities for improvement to increase their efficiency and profitability. In addition, it enables managers and owners to make informed and strategic decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data. Advanced reporting is an essential tool for hotels looking to improve their management and competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market.

What are the main benefits of using it?

As you have seen, a Property Management Software offers multiple benefits to property managers, such as improved reservation management and automation of key processes such as billing and inventory management. The main benefits of a PMS include increased efficiency, as it allows property managers to perform multiple tasks on a single platform, saving time and reducing errors. It also provides greater visibility into property performance, enabling informed and strategic decisions to improve profitability and guest experience. As well as greatly improving communication with guests.For all these reasons, a PMS like Hostify’s is an essential tool for property managers looking to improve the efficiency and profitability of their properties.


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