Hostify’s website is now available in Portuguese!

Hostify's website is now available in Portuguese!

We have great news for you! From now on, Hostify’s Portuguese-speaking customers can access and enjoy Hostify’s website in their language.

Hostify’s website already has an English and Spanish version, and with this new update, we aim to continue to adapt to all our customers and serve their needs in the best possible way.

Now We’re Speaking Your Language

The availability of the website in Portuguese is a big step for the company in our goal to reach a wider and more diverse audience. With this, Portuguese-speaking customers can better navigate and understand the services offered by Hostify, allowing them to make informed decisions about their needs and those of their business. 

The translation of the Hostify website has been carefully done to ensure that all content is perfectly adapted to the Portuguese language and to offer a more personalized and efficient service.

This is just one of the many initiatives that Hostify is carry out to improve the customer experience, focusing our efforts on offering high-quality customer service and providing a reliable and easy-to-use platform.

Going Global

At Hostify we are continuously reviewing the product and user feedback to improve the features of our software and help all our customers around the world to grow their business.

Hostify’s Portuguese version is yet another example of our company’s commitment! If you are looking for a reliable and professional PMS for property managers and accommodation owners, Hostify is the best choice! With the added advantage of navigating through our website in multiple languages.

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