Streamline guests access for your vacation rentals with RemoteLock


Make your reservation and property access management easier. Ready to transform access control to your properties into a strategic advantage for your rental company? No matter the size of your portfolio, automate guest access and offer a more convenient and flexible experience to your clients.

Have greater control of your vacation rental properties from anywhere and make a good first impression to your guest. It’s time to work smarter and streamline guest access with RemoteLock integration.

The new partnership will allow Hostify users to automatically send access credentials to guests. No need for keys, no waiting for check-in, eliminate the hassle of lost keys, lock changes,… Manage every aspect of your vacation rentals properties from a single easy-to-use control panel.


Barclay Friesen, executive vice president of business development for RemoteLock, said about this integration โ€œHosts can conveniently manage their entire property portfolio, including who can enter each property and whenโ€


Take control of your rental properties

Together, Hostify and RemoteLock give hosts complete control of their vaction rental business. It provides maximum visibility, control and peace of mind, even if you are not present. Manage all your reservation from any channel, guest payments and communications, even control the access to any space from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or laptop. Saving time, money and modernizing your guest experience.


Go beyond simple guest access management

Choose from a wide selection of smart locks. Use the brands you know and trust. RemoteLock’s access software connects to the industry’s largest selection of hardware, giving you maximum choice and flexibility to control any door the way you want. 

Gain complete insight into who has access to your property at all times. Monitor real-time usage and system status. Customize access schedules for any user and provide instant access for cleaning services, maintenance crews and deliveries at the touch of a button.




Hostify is committed to delivering the best technology solutions in the market. A property management software that simplifies your management and improves guest experience, Above all, it equips you with reliable technology to grow your business. What are you waiting to try?  Itโ€™s time to transform access control into a strategic advantage for your company. Contact us and let us do our magic!




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