Are your rental properties protected?


Hostify always tries to stay one step ahead of customer needs. Providing innovative solutions that bring value and security to both owners and guests. Bring value and security to your business!

The vacation rental industry is growing rapidly, and the constant flow of guests makes your properties more susceptible to damage. Vacation rental insurance is the solution to protect your business. But also, to give your guests the peace of mind they need for their vacation.

At Hostify, we are excited to announce our latest strategic partnership with Insuraguest. We have teamed up with the purpose of helping our property managers address their protection needs.


Are your properties protected?

Protect your properties and also your guests with specialized vacation rental insurance directly from Hostify’s platform. If you are a property manager with a large portfolio of properties, consider taking out specialized insurance to protect your properties, guests and owners. Keep your business adequately covered and protected.

Every vacation rental business is unique and choosing the best protection for your short-term rental properties depends on a multitude of factors. InsuraGuest it’s a platform that provides innovative insurance technology solutions and an additional layer of protection to your business.


Benefits for Property Managers

   â—†   Complete protection for the property, owner and management company from guest claims.
   â—†   No-fault coverage that pays out regardless of who is at fault, no questions asked. This saves time and eliminates the possibility of getting into a blame game. 
   â—†   Automatic coverage that activates at check-in and ends at check-out, with a 72 hour period to report any incidents. 
   â—†   Reduces risk and lowers the claims ratio, stabilizing and reducing your coverage costs over the long term.
   â—†   No verification of the guest is required. The only information that InsuraGuest extracts from the property management system to process the policy is the arrival date, departure date and reservation number.


Benefits for the travelers and guests

   â—†   Reduces traveler anxiety and offers customers peace of mind that their stay are protected, which enhances the guest experience.
   â—†   InsuraGuest coverage is automatically activated at check-in and provides the guest with coverage until departure.
   â—†   The claims process is simple and efficient for the property manager and the guest, with no questions asked. Claims are immediate and paid within day
          –  Protection of vacation rental property and contents
          –  Accidental medical protection. 
          –  Protection for guests who are injured during a stay at your property.
          –  Vacation rental theft protection



In recent conditions and in the face of increasing market competition, the adoption of technology in the travel industry has accelerated to solve many of the challenges facing the vacation rental ecosystem.

So, do not wait any longer! It’s time to bring added security to your properties and your guests. If you need more information send this contact form, and we will be happy to help you.



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