Adapt your holiday accommodation to digital tourism


In recent years, technology has been one of the most widely used measures as a method of recovery in the tourism sector. As one of the segments most affected during the pandemic, it has been able to evolve and adapt quickly to new digital trends.

A whole ecosystem of innovative technology companies has emerged around accommodation management. Companies have been able to take advantage of new technologies to improve and innovate their offerings. Bringing to market new products, services and business models for their clients. And many others have reinvented themselves by incorporating them into their processes.



Impact on the industry

The impact of new technologies on all aspects of our lives is already a reality. This transformation of the market has led to the disappearance of many players and the birth of many others.

A whole new wave of changes that is full of challenges and opportunities for both companies and customers, who have changed their consumption habits. Did you know that the majority of your potential clients search for accommodation among the main online vacation rental platforms?

Many tourists now use digital technology more than ever before, during or after their trips. Some predictions indicate that by 2025 digital tourists will become the main players in the market. They increasingly expect technology solutions to be part of the experience. But what can vacation rental owners really do to adapt to this age and satisfy this new digital guests?



Tips to adapt your accommodation to the digital tourism

It is important to move towards digital guest satisfaction. To do this, we must take advantage of the opportunities offered by technological advances and invest in digitization. Start the year with these tips to adapt your accommodation to the digital age.


–  Operational automation technology for your business:


  ◆ Professionalize the management of your properties with a Property management system

The PMS has arrived to help tourist accommodation managers facilitate the management of short-stay rental properties. A software that helps to control reservations and streamlining daily tasks and operations (communications, payments and transactions, reports…). And above all, it will allow you to forget about tedious manual tasks and automate the most important processes of your property. Manage it in a simple and efficient way!


  ◆ Expand your business through OTA’s

It is important to work on your presence in the main booking portals in the market. Among the most popular are Airbnb, Booking or Vrbo, although they are not the only ones. There are a multitude of sales channels, some of them even totally specialized in a more specific sector of travelers (business tourism, for families, students,).

Advertising your short stay accommodations on these types of booking websites can be a great investment in exposure. It will help you get more bookings, gain notoriety and increase your revenue. 

But for this you will need a Channel Manager! A tool that synchronizes all your bookings and communications and helps you manage all your sales channels from a single platform. No more double bookings by implementing a centralized management of your properties!


  ◆ Work with Dynamic pricing tools

Dynamic pricing is a strategy used to establish variable and flexible market prices. This allows companies to adapt to the market quickly and competitively. It takes into account variables such as supply/demand balance, seasonality and competitive strategy. 


  ◆ Facilitate Digital guest registration & ID verification

To adapt your accommodation to the digital era, it is necessary to bet on digital tools that allow you to offer a flexible and convenient service to your guests. Automate the check-in and identity verification process to offer a more sophisticated and technological experience to your clients. A Software that allows to make guest registration online, biometric identity verification and send the information automatically to the authorities, if needed.


–  Home Automations for your properties:

 ◆ Remote Access

To adapt your accommodation to the digital era, the first thing to do is to bet on digital tools that allow you to offer a flexible and comfortable service to your guests. 

No more fumbling for keys in the dark, or risking the loss of a key. Smart locks give added security. Hosts can simply send the guest a new key-code before their stay, even remotely.


 ◆ Smart thermostats

Improving the energy efficiency of your properties is also one of the proven strategies to reduce costs. It can make your guests more comfortable, and keep your energy costs low. Avoid the risk of an abusive or unnecessary use of air conditioning when there is no one in the room. If guests are outside, you can turn up the thermostat a few hours before they arrive or check in to make sure the house is comfortable for them. 


 ◆ Noise monitoring:

Tools that allow you to monitor noise levels are incredibly useful for alerting you when there are too many people or too much noise on your property. Having a noise monitoring device installed in your vacation rental can eliminate the risk of an illegal party. These situations often cause costly property damage and ruin relationships with neighbors. But the most important thing is, installing a noise control device on your property will help you to take action before things get out of control. 


 ◆ Smart Lighting

As a host, smart lights offer you several benefits. For one, they can be controlled remotely. Smart lighting fixtures often offer added luxury or technological convenience to the property. If you’ve had problems in the past with guests forgetting to turn off the lights when they leave, these devices can offer added peace of mind. As well as protecting your energy bills from unnecessary consumption. 


 ◆ Intelligent security system

A security system will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your accommodation is under control in case something happens. These systems will make both owners and guests feel safer during their stay. 




The flow of technologies coming into the travel industry is relentless. Innovations introduced in services and the creation of new business models have led to the transformation of the value chain as a whole. One thing we can be sure of, it is that the use of technology in our daily lives and in the way we manage our businesses is not a passing fad.

Investing in technology to modernize your vacation accommodations will provide a more memorable and sophisticated stay for guests. Smart tools will elevate your guests’ experience, creating value and more engaging experiences. And at the same time they will make managing your rentals easier and more convenient.



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