Optimization and sustainable use of energy consumption in vacation rentals

In Hostify we want to make our contribution and help our owners to make a responsible use of energy in their vacation rental accommodations. This time we bring you a new tip to reduce energy consumption when no one is at home. You will love it!


If we separate the different expenses of a home, surely one of the highest costs involved in a property is electricity. Although we should all be aware of it, this expense ultimately falls on the owner or property manager.


Heaters on all day or air conditioning on with the window open are situations that are the order of the day. It is impossible to control how the tenant spends. But we can facilitate the task to make responsible use of it. That is why it is important to choose the right appliances.


Be smarter with appliances

Improving the energy efficiency of the home is one of the proven strategies to reduce costs. There are many different habits and practices that can be employed to reduce utility bills. However today we would like to introduce you to Ecosensor! A smart solution that can be very useful to reduce these costs and increase your vacation rental income.


What is EcoSensor?

An advanced system for shutting down electrical devices through an infrared shutdown system for your vacation home. It allows you to detect automatically human presence by heat in order to achieve savings in electricity consumption.




No more unnecessary consumption costs!

Avoid the risk of an abusive or unnecessary use of air conditioning or TV when there is no one in the room.  This presence detector has heat and motion detectors to automatically disconnect the devices in your home. 


If you are interested in this intelligent device, ask for more information without any commitment here.



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