Improve your operations with Breezeway & Hostify


The pandemic has highlighted the need for greater scrutiny of real estate transactions. Travelers expect a seamless experience when staying in a short term rental property, and the margin for error is very slim. 


To ensure that every task is done right, exceed customers’ high expectations and drive business growth, we can count on tools like Breezeway. The industry’s leading property operations platform that helps short term rental operators coordinate, communicate and verify detailed work on properties so they can deliver the best service.  



To help you get to know Breezeway a little better, here are the top 5 benefits of Hostify and Breezeway working together:

        ◆   Easily coordinate property care

Breezeway integrates directly with Hostify. Automatically syncs your property details and reservations data in real time to make it easy to automate your operations.

        ◆   Consistently execute on brand standards

Use property details to create customizable housekeeping and maintenance checklists. Help your staff perform high quality work in the field. Give you confidence that every property aligns with company standards.

         ◆   Empower field staff

Having Hostify and Breezeway working together, a cleaning ticket is automatically generated based on booking status updates. This is immediately assigned to the appropriate field employee. This task automation uses data on staff availability, location and historical task times. So, rest assured that every job is assigned to the right person at the right time and that no task is left undone.

         ◆   Boost guest experience & reviews

Use guest booking details from Hostify to power Breezeway’s guest messaging tools. Automatically communicate with guests pre-arrival and during each stay. So you can deliver the best guest experience and generate more 5-star reviews.

          ◆   Increase owner satisfaction, retention, and acquisition.

Owner reporting programs let you easily capture and share every touchpoint with the property. You can communicate the full scope of your management services.



Improve your operations

Hostify’s goal is to achieve more efficient and a profitable management of your vacation rentals. Don’t waste time with repetitive tasks and automate your system so you can focus on what’s really important.


Interested in get more information? Request a demo here and a member of Breezeway’s team will be in touch as soon as posible. They will give you a personalized walk through of the product.



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