Do you have a Calendar Sync Strategy?

With the growing influence of online travel agencies and sales channels, the number of online vacation rental bookings has increased considerably. It is now easier than ever to book vacation getaways online.


Advertising your vacation rental property on multiple websites is the best way to ensure you reach the maximum number of potential guests, and maximize your bookings. But the more websites you use, the more time and effort it takes. And the more complicated it becomes to keep all the calendars up to date.

When you also have your own website or booking engine, updating your availability calendars on each portals is a time-consuming and tedious task. And there is always the risk of double bookings.


Therefore, we must make an effort to prevent this type of situation. You can work your calendars manually, or you can skip the manual work and automatically synchronize their availability across all your channels.  A quick and easy way to keep your calendars up to date. Never again will you have to worry about double booking.


Thanks to the many tools we can find on the market, manually updating your vacation rental calendar is now a thing of the past.  

Here are two ways to make sure your calendars are synchronized and your availability is updated every time a guest makes a booking. 



It is compatible with all major ad sites, is easy to set up and free. Although it has a possible delay of up to a few hours.


Channel manager 

Real-time synchronization. Requires a paid subscription to vacation rental management software.


The latter is the most convenient and secure way to synchronize your vacation rental calendars.

These are tools allow you to list your vacation rental property on multiple rental websites, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, TripAdvisor and more… Managing everything from a centralized platform. You can automate the entire process with a channel manager.


We know the need for your calendar to be accurate. It is one of the key elements you need to control in your vacation rental business.

Using Hostify you can manage your properties through the channel manager and keep your calendars synchronized in real time.

A Smart Property Management System For Short-Term & Vacation Rentals designed to help you Work smarter and grow your business by utilizing powerful tools designed to save your time.


Synchronizing all the calendars of the different listing platforms and your booking engine will allow you to grow and have more control over your business. What do you use to synchronize your calendars?

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