Process your booking payments smoothly with Paypal!

Looking for a PMS that offers different payment alternatives? Hostify is the most complete solution!

We want to make our customer’s life easier. That’s why in addition to Stripe and Cardcom, we now also integrate with Paypal! The world-renowned payment method, fast and secure to process your transactions with peace of mind. 

Why start using this integration?

Power up your vacation rental business and improve your guest’s experience offering different payment alternatives! 

About 325.000.076 users trust and use Paypal. It is available in over 200+ countries and 25 currencies. 


The new payment method available supports multiple Paypal accounts. Not just for the sales channels (Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, Vrbo…), but also accept payments via the Hostify Booking Engine and the WordPress Plugin


Once the booking is received, access the customer’s booking from your Hostify platform. Select the payment request option and complete the fields. 

Enter the amount requested, choose the payment integration (Paypal or Stripe) and how you want to send the request (sms, email or through the channel). Insert a custom message with the payment description and the link will be sent to your customers. 

A smooth payment processing, supporting SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)


Automate these requests from Hostify and improve your cash flow. Select how and when, and automatically send a link every time a new booking comes in. Avoid a lot of headaches!

Setting up this automation is very easy! Go to the “payment automations” section of your Hostify platform and click on add a new rule. Complete the fields and select when you want the automation to be sent. Use the action “send payment request” and choose the payment method. You can even add filters to choose to whom to send these payment requests. Add a message description for your customers and you’re done! Now you can stop worrying about whether your customers have paid.


Manage all your guest cancellations and deposits from your Hostify account.

In case there is a cancellation, any damage or problem happens on the property, Paypal allows you to hold your customer’s money, refund payments and deposits, and more. You decide whether you do it manually or by setting up payment automations.


Experience the advantages of processing your customers’ payments with Paypal through Hostify. Contact us for more information!


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