Importance of Guest Reviews for Vacation Rentals

Updated on 22/05/2024

Whether you manage your own properties or use a short-term rental management company, rental businesses rely heavily on word of mouth and reviews. 

And your business having a good reputation among users is crucial in any customer-oriented industry.

What classifies as a guest review?

A guest review typically refers to feedback or comments provided by individuals who have experienced a property, such as a vacation rental or accommodation, as a guest. These reviews are essential tools for both property managers and potential guests alike. They delve into various aspects of the guest experience, ranging from service quality and cleanliness to amenities and overall satisfaction. 

For property managers, guest reviews are invaluable. They serve as direct feedback on the property’s performance, highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement. Positive guest reviews can bolster a property’s reputation, attract more guests, and ultimately lead to increased bookings and revenue. Conversely, negative reviews can pinpoint shortcomings and prompt necessary adjustments to maintain high standards.

Guest reviews are prominently featured on property management platforms like Airbnb,, Expedia, and other direct booking websites, as well as on social media and dedicated review sites. They provide a transparent and authentic portrayal of the guest experience, offering potential guests valuable insights into what to expect during their stay.

Moreover, guest reviews play a pivotal role in the decision-making process for potential guests. By reading about the firsthand experiences of previous guests, individuals can gauge whether a particular property aligns with their preferences and expectations. These reviews offer a level of trust and reliability, guiding guests toward properties that best suit their needs.

Guest reviews matter

Reviews are a vital part of the vacation rental booking process. Studies have shown that 81% of travelers consider user reviews to be important on travel booking sites.

Nowadays, online reviews help other potential customers to know if a product is good or what their experience was like when they tried it.

Reviews are also a great tool for both guests and hosts, helping users to share their experience with others. 

Many of the owners are not aware of the importance and the great benefits of having reviews on the different sales platforms. Knowing what your guests think about your vacation rental goes beyond that and has many other advantages.

◆  Positive reviews add value to your business. The more positive reviews you accumulate, the more value and trust your vacation rental offers.

◆  Trust: The online world generates distrust, and therefore a product with many reviews generates trust since many other customers have bought/tested that product before.

◆  SEO positioning: When your listing page has guest reviews, Google and other search engines increase exposure as guest reviews count for page trustworthiness. Therefore, getting reviews about the hosting experience will give you more visibility. Your name and profile will appear more frequently, making potential customers more familiar with your position as a host.

As you can see, positive reviews can get you more exposure on vacation rental websites. Generating more demand, more exposure for your properties and more people seeing your listing.

However, we can often encounter negative vacation rental reviews. These types of reviews are very difficult to manage. But if you manage to turn it around you have a loyal customer forever.

No matter how much preparation you do, unforeseen events can always arise during your guests’ stay, so it is very important to always be available to solve, quickly and efficiently, any problem that may arise.

Negative reviews are not good for business, we all know that. However, they offer an opportunity for improvement.

How to get them

The best way to do this is to request feedback from your guests within one or two days of their departure. Send a thank you email asking for a review or discount. 

◆  Offer excellent service.

Include a welcome packet with detailed information on how to get to each of the theme parks in the area.

◆  Advance communication

Guests value communication with the short-term rental management company or owner. Be friendly and make yourself available throughout the rental process. Respond promptly to questions and make the entire booking process and stay as pleasant as possible. 

◆  Experience and additional services

Guests increasingly value the experience provided during their stay. Make sure all the amenities you have advertised are available. Even the smallest of details can be indispensable to your guests. Make stays become even more special experiences by providing information about the city, events or sightseeing,…

In short, take a look if your business has reviews on the internet. If it does, check them one by one to make sure they are all positive and try to manage the negative ones effectively. As you can see, a good or bad review can make all the difference when it comes to choosing a vacation home, so be as honest and helpful as possible with your guests, making sure they have the best possible experience during their stay.

Your Hostify tool

At Hostify, in addition to having a team available to solve any problem 24 hours a day, we have our own tool to automatically program reviews to your Airbnb’s customers. 

A Smart Property Management System For Short-Term & Vacation Rentals designed to help you Work smarter and grow your business by utilizing powerful tools designed to save your time.

Why are they important for the future of your rentals?

Guest reviews are pivotal for the future of your rentals due to their profound impact on various aspects:

Firstly, they wield significant influence over your rentals’ reputation. Positive reviews act as endorsements, enticing potential guests and solidifying your properties as desirable destinations. Conversely, negative feedback can tarnish your reputation and deter future bookings. Moreover, in today’s competitive landscape, guest reviews provide a crucial edge. Favorable reviews differentiate your rentals, elevating them above competitors and attracting discerning guests seeking exceptional experiences.

Additionally, guest reviews serve as invaluable feedback mechanisms. They offer insights into guests’ experiences, highlighting areas of strength and areas needing improvement. By heeding this feedback, you can enhance your rentals, ensuring they meet and exceed guest expectations. Furthermore, guest reviews contribute to trust-building. Prospective guests rely on the firsthand experiences of previous visitors to make informed decisions. Positive reviews instill confidence, fostering trust in your rentals and encouraging bookings.

In essence, guest reviews are indispensable for the sustained success of your rentals. They not only shape your reputation and competitiveness but also provide invaluable feedback and foster trust among potential guests, ultimately driving future bookings and revenue. Don’t hesitate to ask your guests to tell you about their experience during their stay. Knowing what your guests think is the best way to understand how your business is doing, what you are doing well and what you can improve. It can also help you better understand what your guests’ needs are and improve your online reputation. A very effective way to get customers to trust you and repeat their stay.


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