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Hostify has clinched the prestigious title of Best Channel Manager at the esteemed Shortyz Awards 2024, solidifying our position as the best channel manager for both Airbnb and vacation rentals. Learn all about it here!
Discover with us the essential steps to successfully list your property on Marriott Bonvoy Homes and Villas. This guide provides expert insights into maximizing your rental's visibility and attracting guests within the Marriott Bonvoy ecosystem.
How to synchronize all of your vacation rental listings with Hostify's Channel Manager?
Synchronizing all your property listings using a channel manager is essential to ensure that your properties are effectively advertised on multiple online booking platforms, saving you time and avoid errors when manually updating each of your listings on each platform. Still don't know what a channel manager is and why you should incorporate one into your business? Then keep reading!
Hostify has been again recognized with the status of Preferred+ Partner with Airbnb! This enhanced partnership solidifies Hostify's commitment to offering premium property management solutions and marks a significant milestone in our company's journey to provide the best services to our users.
At Hostify, we're dedicated to enhancing your property management experience, and we're thrilled to introduce our latest product update that will improve the management of your Airbnb listings. Say hello to streamlined check-out processes and trip issues tracking.
How to collect positive Airbnb reviews? Review management
Understanding the importance of reviews is crucial for any host looking to succeed in the vacation rental market. Discover the importance of streamlined check-ins, focus on cleanliness and comfort, and learn the practice  of encouraging reviews without being annoying to guests.
Airbnb management. What are the main challenges for landlords?
Get practical solutions and best practices to ensure effective Airbnb management!: leveraging technology and property management systems, hiring professional Airbnb management services, and maintaining consistent quality and standards. Get deeper into these topics with this article!
Channel manager for vacation rentals. What features should you look for?
Selecting the right channel manager for vacation rentals is one of the most important decisions for your property management business, and there are some key features you should consider. Learn about the essential value of using a channel manager for vacation rentals and why it has become an essential tool for property owners and managers!
Аirbnb calendar synchronization. The key to efficient airbnb management
If you host accommodations on Airbnb, and you've chosen to list your property on multiple platforms, such as and Vrbo, an additional layer of responsibility emerges: avoiding the occurrence of multiple bookings for the same dates. Delve into the significance of Airbnb sync calendar!
Hostify Achieves Preferred+ Partner Status with Airbnb
Hostify has been officially awarded with the status of Preferred Plus Partner with Airbnb! Learn everything about this partnership that solidifies Hostify's commitment to offering premium property management solutions!