Hostify has been recognized as Airbnb Preferred+ Software Partner 

We are so excited to announce that Hostify has been again recognized with the status of Preferred+ Partner with Airbnb! This enhanced partnership solidifies Hostify’s commitment to offering premium property management solutions and marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey to provide the best services to our users.

What is Airbnb Preferred+ Partner Status?

Airbnb’s Preferred Software Partner program acknowledges and rewards top-tier connectivity partners who exceed technical and performance standards. These partners enjoy perks like expedited technical support and the ability to shape API features.

The coveted Airbnb Preferred+ Partner Status is reserved for the platform’s top-performing software allies. It signifies a deep partnership, meeting stringent technical benchmarks, and enhancing experiences for hosts and guests.

This status represents a select group of providers offering essential features to elevate the Airbnb experience. These partners collaborate closely with Airbnb to enrich the hosting and guest journey. The Preferred+ Partner designation is an elevated tier within Airbnb’s program, honoring outstanding performance and innovation. Partners with this status benefit from enhanced integration and additional support.

Airbnb Preferred+ Partner Status signifies excellence, earning trust as a preferred software provider for hosts and property managers. Achieving this status demonstrates a commitment to meeting Airbnb’s high standards.

Unlocking the Advantages of Partnering with Airbnb’s Preferred Plus Partners for Property Managers

Property managers who align with Airbnb’s Preferred Plus Partners unlock a suite of tailored benefits, enhancing their management capabilities: 

  • Partnership with Preferred Plus partners facilitates seamless integration, streamlining property management tasks such as listing management, reservations, pricing, and communication within a single platform.
  • By collaborating with Preferred Plus partners, property managers gain early access to cutting-edge features and updates across both the partner’s platform and Airbnb. This ensures they stay agile and responsive to evolving industry dynamics. 
  • Preferred Plus partners equip property managers with advanced tools and resources, empowering them to optimize property performance, enhance guest experiences, and unlock maximum revenue potential.

The Path to Preferred Partner Plus: Hostify’s Commitment to Excellence

Hostify has ascended to the prestigious Preferred Partner Plus status through its unwavering dedication to excellence and user-centric approach. 

At Hostify, our comprehensive solution empowers rental owners and property managers by automating processes and seamlessly integrating data from various channels.

This ensures smoother operations and enhances guest experiences. Our elevation to Preferred Partner Plus status underscores our commitment to providing exceptional property management tools and personalized support, driving efficient operations and maximizing revenue potential for our customers. 

Hostify’s recognition as a Preferred Partner Plus reflects our ongoing efforts to deliver innovative solutions and unparalleled service to property managers, cementing our position as a preferred choice in vacation rental management. Attaining Preferred Partner Plus status reaffirms Hostify’s status as a frontrunner in the vacation rental industry, inspiring us to continue innovating and delivering excellence to our valued users.

Hostify’s Preferred Partner Plus status is another proof of our dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing top-notch services to property managers in the vacation rental market. We could not be more proud and grateful! 

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