Handling bad Airbnb reviews: 5 important tips for property managers and agencies

Bad Airbnb reviews  

If you’re a property manager you know that reviews can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, good reviews can boost your vacation rental business and attract more guests. But on the other hand, bad reviews can cause concern and affect your reputation.

But don’t worry, we are happy to help you! We’ll provide you with the resources and techniques you need to maintain a positive reputation, and maximize your guest experience.

Read on if you’re interested in discovering how to use unfavorable reviews to expand and enhance your Airbnb business. 

Bad review equal to financial losses

Imagine that you have properties on Airbnb that have been providing you with a good source of revenue, but all of a sudden you get a bad review from a dissatisfied guest.  In a split second, your reputation gets harmed and your booking calendar becomes empty. Your revenue declines as potential guests hesitate to make a reservation with you. As visitors rely on the opinions of other travelers when making their booking choices, bad reviews  on Airbnb can translate to large financial losses. But there is still hope. Understanding how to handle bad reviews properly may be the difference between maintaining your revenue and continuing to grow your business in the Airbnb sector.

5 important tips for handling bad Airbnb reviews  

If you’ve ever received a bad review on Airbnb and don’t know how to handle it, or it hasn’t happened to you yet but you want to be prepared, don’t worry! In this article, we’re going to share with you five key tips for effectively managing bad reviews on Airbnb. We know how important it is to maintain a positive reputation on this platform and how guest reviews can affect your business, so be prepared to face any criticism and remain a successful Airbnb host!

Can you delete it?

Want bad reviews on Airbnb to just vanish? Sadly, there isn’t a magic wand to make it happen! Reviews on Airbnb are an essential part of the platform’s trust model and cannot be immediately removed. But don’t worry, here’s the trick: rather than removing reviews, you may reply to them in a clever way that shows initiative. There are plenty of creative methods to deal with bad reviews, from responding politely and professionally to using them as an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Contact the person and give him compensation

An efficient method of handling bad reviews on Airbnb is to take the initiative to immediately get in touch with the unhappy guest as soon as possible.  The secret? As a demonstration of your dedication to their satisfaction, offer reward or compensation. Consider it a chance to turn the unfavorable review into a favorable experience. You can show your commitment to providing excellent customer service and establish a positive connection with the guest by demonstrating empathy, fixing the issue, and providing a reasonable solution. Not only will you be able to resolve the problem, but you’ll also be able to protect your reputation as an Airbnb host and promote future good reviews.

Take feedback and grow

A successful method of handling bad reviews on Airbnb is accepting them and using them for growth.  Consider them opportunities to learn and get stronger rather than criticisms. Consider the feedback you’ve received, identify areas that need improvement, and take measures that will bring forward improvements. Accept helpful feedback, and make an effort to give upcoming visitors an outstanding experience. Additionally, addressing reviews politely and professionally demonstrates your commitment to providing excellent customer service and may reduce the damaging effects of reviews on your reputation as a host. Learn, grow and stand out on Airbnb!

Fake Review

Although fake reviews on Airbnb can feel like a problem, there are ways to handle them. Don’t react impulsively at first, and maintain your calm.  Then, conduct research and compile data to support your claims. Contact Airbnb support and give a brief and straightforward description of your situation. It’s crucial to be sincere and back up your claims with evidence that can be independently verified. If you can show that a review is fake or defamatory, Airbnb has policies and procedures for looking into false reviews that may result in its removal. Keep in mind to be kind and professional when speaking with Airbnb and the concerned guest.

Optimize you list or make easy to read your add 

Ensure that the description of your property is precise, clear, and informative. Highlight special features and advantages for visitors. Make use of attractive photos that highlight your property adequately.  Utilize bullet points to emphasize key points and divide your listing’s information into several sections. To avoid misunderstandings, ensure your rules and procedures are clearly stated. A well-optimized, simple-to-read list makes it easier for visitors to understand what to expect and lowers the possibility of negative reviews based on unfulfilled expectations. Make your listing shine and your reviews improve!

Keep thinking about Property Management System  

Considering the implementation of a property management system can be a valuable option to improve the quality of your reviews and guest satisfaction. These tools can help you organize your reservations, automate your guest communications, manage pricing, and optimize the cleanliness and maintenance of your property. By having an efficient management system in place, you can avoid errors resulting from manual management, ensure that you deliver on your commitments, and provide a more professional and seamless experience for your guests. In addition, these types of systems also offer review tracking features, allowing you to respond quickly to negative comments and address issues proactively. 

Software like Hostify’s can offer you all these benefits and more to ensure that your Airbnb reviews are managed correctly and efficiently, while guaranteeing complete, effective and easy management of your business. Book your free demo now and start boosting your business!  


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