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3 tips to avoid double bookings
Double-booking is one of the major problems for property managers and owners. In this article, we will explore how Channel Managers can help to avoid double bookings, improve efficiency in managing their bookings, and how Hostify's Channel Manager is best solution for you and your business.
Top 5 benefits of using Hostify as your main property management software
Choosing the right property management software is essential as it is a key tool for the success of any property manager. We will show you the importance of choosing the system that best suits your business needs and why Hostify's s is the one you are looking for.
Property Management System
Have you heard of vacation rental property management systems? Still not sure what these tools are all about? These systems have become the best allies of every property management professional. Let us explain it to you in a simple way.
Hostify website in Portuguese
We have great news for you! From now on, Hostify’s Portuguese-speaking customers can access and enjoy Hostify’s website in their language. Hostify’s website already has an English and Spanish version, and with this new update, we aim to continue to adapt to all our customers and serve their needs in the best possible way.
booking engine
  Nowadays, most property managers are embracing the trend of using a booking engine for short-term rentals, as this type of technology has become especially relevant in the vacation rental market...
review management
  For a property manager, the opinion of guests is one of the most fundamental and decisive pillars that determine the success of the business. Word of mouth has always been one of the most successful...
beyond booking blog
  When thinking of a platform to promote vacation accommodations, it is very likely that the first one that comes to mind is Airbnb. This is not surprising, since Airbnb leads the vacation rental...
Managing short term rentals like a professional
Managing short term rentals is a growing revenue stream, and one of the most common forms of rental property management. Much of the business is focused on short term rentals. Therefore, it is ...
5 methods to boost your airbnb ranking
  Getting a large number of bookings at the right Airbnb ranking is undoubtedly the main goal of vacation rental and property managers, because it can directly impact the revenue generated by the...