How to Improve Guest Experience in a Vacation Rental Business?

A positive guest experience is crucial to the success of your business, as a satisfied guest is very likely to want to repeat the experience.

To analyze the total guest experience of our business, it is convenient to divide it into small units that meet the expectations of the guest and in each of them, enhance them to the maximum in order to create a “Wow moment”.


Don’t miss the opportunity! Take advantage of the high season to improve your customers’ experience. Here are some tips that you can put to the test this summer.


Ensure guest safety

It is important that guests feel safe and secure at all times. From the time they make a reservation until they leave the property. Guests can book online and make their payment in a completely secure way, but also enjoy a guaranteed stay.


Put yourself in your guests’ shoes

What would I need or want to know? Instead of thinking of yourself as the person renting a property, think of yourself as a random guest in a city you don’t know. It is important to be able to offer a really efficient service and achieve a good customer experience.


Provide as much information as possible

To help alleviate any uncertainty for guests, it is important to provide as much information as possible through your channels. About the property, accommodation conditions, booking process, even information about the surroundings.


Help guests get the full experience.

The goal is simply to make your guests feel truly at home while vacationing in a new area.

You can send an email to your guests to welcome them, wish them a good stay, or make some recommendations to establish a more direct relationship with your guests. Offer a guide to guests on things they can do and visit in the area, or include some personalized details.


Go the extra mile

Remember that your goal is to provide a wonderful experience for each guest. Sometimes, this requires you to go the extra mile. Your attention to detail will set you apart from others.


Be available

No matter how well you have prepared your property for your guests, something will almost certainly come up that will require your guests to contact you at some point during their stay. Be sure to provide the necessary information prior to their arrival and also, after their stay. It’s important that they feel you have a team behind you to help them with anything that comes up.


Personalized communication

Effective customer communication will make a huge difference in improving your guests’ experience.

Set up email marketing campaigns, inform them about events around your properties, or offer your guests enticing loyalty offers and discounts. 


Improving the guest experience in the vacation rental world is a win-win investment. So we encourage you to put some of these ideas into practice, and offer guests truly unique experiences that will make them want to repeat.


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