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If you’re in the business of renting out properties, you know how hard it can be to manage multiple listings, sometimes even for the same property just on different sites, staying on top of each listing and potential renter, and much more. Channel managers can help you keep track of all of this but you want only the best. After all, if the program is lacking and messes up a booking, you can end up looking like the bad guy.

With the best property management payment processing app backing you, you can lift so much of the weight off your shoulders. If you are considering an Airbnb property management software look no further than Hositfy! Hositfy has a great channel manager and works as an excellent Airbnb pricing software, letting you rest easy and avoid double bookings.

What is a Channel Manager?

Let’s break it down a bit. “Channel” refers to the website that is hosting your listing and people use to make their rental bookings whether that be Airbnb, or Expedia. Many people want to list their places on multiple sites, to cover a wide range of potential customers and help to diversify their revenue streams. If you go at it alone it can be a lot, and pretty repetitive, to create the listings and manage bookings, calendars, and sales separately.

This is why people turn to channel managers. These tools connect information from all your different channels into one single easy-to-work-with platform.

But How Does a Channel Manager Work?

Not all channel managers are built the same so it’s important to know what to look for and know what you’re getting into. Some Channel Managers will only send out listing content to the different channels (descriptions, photos, facilities, etc), while others can let you send more information or manage more like prices or calendar availability.

With a great channel manager providing a full experience, you will be able to connect with a large number of different channels and go from creating listings, updating, and more all from the same dashboard. The dashboard will be synced regularly potentially every minute. No matter if you want to add multiple rates, special rules or terms for the holidays or weekends or get specific with minimum and maximum stays during custom periods.

What Can a Channel Manager Do for Me?

Of course, this depends on your business but generally the more expansive your work within rental properties the more you can benefit from a channel manager’s features. If you specifically use multiple websites or channels, have multiple properties, multiple locations or are even just moving up to growing your rental property business, a channel manager is probably a fantastic fit to help you reduce stress, time wasted, effort, and costs.

As mentioned before, by using multiple channels you expand your reach which boosts the chance of someone booking. This boosts your brand exposure and awareness in these different markets without any increase to your workload. With multiple channels, you diversify your revenue stream which is a great security net just in case one site has issues, bad press, or just goes down without any notice. Managing multiple at the same time also cuts down on time wasted on manual one-by-one updates.

Want to Expand Your Rental Business With Ease?

With a great property management software like Hostify, you can stop worrying about the stress of managing multiple properties. Don’t let any more double bookings occur. Start with Hostify to set your properties up to be the most lucrative they can be.

If you’d like to learn more about Hostify and would like to request a free demo, email or use our handy contact form with your thoughts, questions, or concerns.


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