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For property managers, renting out places people can stay is a rigorous business. It involves keeping track of every transaction and interaction you have with your clients. With Hostify, our software makes it easier for property managers to keep themselves organized and do their jobs right. 

Hostify streamlines online pricing, property bookings, and payment processing into one platform that is easy to use. It is one of the best Airbnb property management software available right now. Has produced successful results for those that have relied on us. Additionally, Hostify features an exceptional Airbnb booking API system that works to keep your assets organized.  

Hostify has raving clients from all over the world.

If you need an excellent Airbnb property management app to use for your operations, Hostify is the right software for you. We’ll go over why we are the best property management software and how we can make tasks like pricing, bookings, and payment processing simpler for you.

With our software, you can organize and track over hundreds of rented properties in one integrated virtual space. Everything from API, listings, payment processes, and channel managers are integrated into one centralized platform.

Hostify services both independent Airbnb hosts and large property management companies to simplify their operations. We have received overwhelming praise from both parties on the performance of our software. 


Why is Hostify the Best App for Landlords?

As an app, Hostify carries some of the API and software features to make property management much more easier. Some of the features include a unified inbox and multi calendar system among others. With this in mind, let’s go over why Hostify is the best app for landlords to use. 

With the unified inbox, you can keep track of messages and queries from many rental websites such as, Expedia, and TripAdvisor among others. You can set up message templates beforehand to deliver quick replies to guests and set up SMS notifications to keep yourself engaged. 

Hostify’s multi calendar, on the other hand, helps you manage all your bookings, rates, and property availability into one big calendar. Everything you need to refer to is organized neatly into one easy-to-see calendar. It’s built for your convenience to edit and view bookings, change pricing, and organize reservations. With the multi calendar, you’ll have the power to determine how much you want to charge each week and the type of guests you want to work with. 

Moreover, Hostify’s API system is flexible and lets you easily integrate your own website and other applications for your benefit. If you need to rely on external tools such as Mailchimp and Hubspot for your operations, Hostify has easy access to them to make your life much easier. Our software will also seamlessly integrate any direct bookings made on your website. 

We recognize that your data is very valuable and will help you export or import them in real time. Data such as reservations and guest details can be stored and transferred anywhere you like. Of course, we’ll also keep this information safe and secure from any outside influences. 

All these features and more make Hostify the best app to use for landlords and property managers. 


How Can I Keep Track of My Rental Property?

There are many things to keep track of in your rental property. For listings and room reservations, you can use hostify to assign, group, name, customize your listings with tags and nicknames. This makes it easier for you to remember what you are renting out and who may be staying in them. 

If you’re concerned with bookings specifically, Hostify will import, track, update, and export all your reservation information from one central platform. Our interface has one unified view to help you review fees, notices, and other booking related tasks for your convenience. You can add direct listings from your own website automatically or manually into our system to keep track of your activity. 

Additionally, you can also filter and create custom reports for reservations based on location. Status, property, owner, etc. This makes it simpler for you to compile reports with important information to discuss with your team for future growth. You also don’t have to worry about losing past booking data because Hostify provides an API or Excel tool to transfer it into the system. 

For rental payments lastly,, you can choose to integrate Stripe to make the payment process quicker for both you and the guest. Moreover, you can process payments from every external channel with only a click or two. You can also automate your own payment processing and get notified of transactions as soon as they happen.


Turn to the Best Property Management App in the Market

We have written a lot about what Hostify can do for you and the countless features of the software. We are confident in our software and the high-performance results it can deliver for you. We are the best property management software for landlords and managers alike. 

If you’d like to learn more about Hostify and would like to request a free demo, email or use our handy contact form with your thoughts, questions, or concerns. 


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