Hostify Achieves Preferred Plus Partner Status with Airbnb

Hostify Achieves Preferred+ Partner Status with Airbnb

Updated on 17/05/2024

We are so excited to announce that Hostify has been officially awarded with the status of Preferred Plus Partner with Airbnb! This enhanced partnership solidifies Hostify’s commitment to offering premium property management solutions and marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey to provide the best services to our users.

What is Airbnb Preferred+ Partner Status?

Airbnb Preferred+ Partner Status is a designation that Airbnb gives to its top-performing software partners. This status represents a high level of partnership and indicates that the software partner meets Airbnb’s technical performance benchmarks and provides exceptional service to Airbnb hosts and guests. This status includes a select group of software providers that offer the necessary features and software connections to meet or exceed Airbnb’s technical and performance requirements. These partners collaborate with Airbnb to provide tools and services that enhance the hosting and guest experience on the platform.

The Preferred+ Partner status is a higher tier within the Preferred Software Partner program. It is reserved for partners who have demonstrated outstanding performance, innovation, and commitment to delivering exceptional value to Airbnb hosts and guests. Partners with Preferred+ status have a deeper integration with Airbnb’s platform and receive additional benefits and support from Airbnb.

Airbnb Preferred+ Partner Status means that a software partner has achieved a high level of excellence in meeting Airbnb’s standards and is recognized as a trusted and preferred provider of software solutions for Airbnb hosts and property managers.

What Benefits do Property Managers Gain from Airbnb Preferred Plus Partners?

Property managers who partner with Airbnb Preferred Plus Partners gain access to a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance their property management experience:

  • Preferred Plus partners offer seamless integration between their platforms and Airbnb, enabling property managers to efficiently manage listings, reservations, pricing, and communication in one place.
  • Hosts gain early access to new features and updates on both the partner’s platform and Airbnb, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to industry changes quickly.
  • Preferred Plus partners provide advanced tools and resources that empower property managers to optimize their property’s performance, elevate guest experiences, and maximize their revenue potential.
  • Property managers partnering with Airbnb Preferred Plus gain recognition and trust from the platform, bolstering their credibility among potential guests. This endorsement can lead to increased bookings and higher occupancy rates as guests tend to choose properties with established reputations.
  • By accessing exclusive insider training, property managers acquire valuable knowledge and insights into maximizing their listings’ performance. This specialized training equips them with the tools and strategies necessary to enhance guest satisfaction, improve property presentation, and ultimately drive greater profitability.
  • Partnering with Airbnb Preferred Plus grants property managers access to exclusive promotions and perks. These may include discounted services, enhanced visibility on the platform, or priority placement in search results. Such promotions can give property managers a competitive edge, attracting more guests and ultimately increasing their revenue potential.

Why has Hostify been given with Preferred Partner Plus status?

Hostify’s upgrade to Preferred Partner Plus status is a reflection of the company’s dedication to its users and its commitment to excellence. In Hostify we have consistently delivered innovative solutions and work hard to provide exceptional service to property managers, making it a preferred choice for vacation rental management.

By achieving the Preferred Partner Plus status, Hostify has solidified its position as a leading property management software company in the vacation rental industry. This achievement motivates us to keep innovating and delivering exceptional services to its users.

Hostify’s Preferred Partner Plus status is another proof of our dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing top-notch services to property managers in the vacation rental market. We could not be more proud and grateful! 
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