You ask and we deliver! Hostify integrates with Beyond Princing

Building the best property management system is never done! The vacation rental industry is always evolving. And at Hostify we want to make sure that industry leading technology and best practice ideas are working for you.

We are excited to announce our integration with Beyond Pricing. A leading revenue management platform for Short-term Rental Managers and owners! Beyond makes it easy to generate more revenue and maximize occupancy with their easy-to-use dynamic pricing tool. Here’s how:

* Maximize Revenue

Beyond’s dynamic pricing tool automatically adjusts your listings in real-time. Reacting to not only the price guidelines you’ve provided, but to daily changes in supply and demand. This ensures that your listing is always performing at peak efficiency—charging higher when there is greater demand and charging less when there is lower demand.

* Higher Occupancy and ADR

If the prices on your listings are static, there will be times when you’re leaving money on the table or your occupancy rates will be low. And who has the time to manually adjust their prices every day? When you use an automatic dynamic pricing tool, not only are you able to immediately respond to changes in supply and demand, you’re also able to fill nights in between your usual seasonal minimum stays, capturing demand during those trip gaps. These incremental bookings lead to higher occupancy – on average, about 12 points more – and ultimately, more revenue.

You can start using Beyond Pricing right inside Hostify today. We are excited to give you the opportunity to join the thousands of other Short-term Rental Managers and owners who are already using dynamic pricing to get, grow, and keep revenue!

If you were unable to attend our webinar, here is the US video. Now you can have unlimited access to it and review your pricing strategy.


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