Different automations tools you can apply to your rental business

The short-term rental market is getting more competitive by the day, and, as a property manager, you should always look for ways to work more efficiently.  More than ever, technology is a major factor in travel in 2022. There are many vacation rental automation tools emerging more and more often. And most of them can bring many benefits to your  rental business. 

64% of travellers agree that technology will be more important than ever while on vacation (Booking.com)

Benefits of automations tools:

Automations can help you to reduce your workload by simplifying things and save time on your routine operations. 

Vacation rentals automation tools will streamline daily repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and minimize costs. This includes replying to guest messages, adjusting rental rates, writing guest reviews, creating cleaning tasks, and more. Automation functions do much of your day-to-day work, so  you don’t have to do it yourself and are able to focus more on growing your business, confident that everything will be done in the best way. 

Top automation tools to professionalize your Vacation Rental Business

Here are some of the main automations tools and softwares property managers apply to their management to take a step towards professionalizing their vacation rental business:

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Technology tool use among property management companies. Source: Rentals United & Transparent

  • Channel Manager

A Channel Manager is cloud-based software that helps you to sync and manage all your bookings and listings on sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, Expedia, and others. These systems keeps the different booking portals’ calendars, prices, reservations, and messages in sync. This real-time synchronization makes sure that all calendars are up-to-date and that no one overbooks or double-books.

According to a study by Rentals United and SeeTransparent, 74% of property management companies use a channel manager, and 9% are expecting to start in the future.

  • Property Management System

A software solution that facilitates the management of your rental business, automating all your daily processes and tasks. There are important functions including reservations and channel management, communications, payment processing, cleaning tasks and occupancy management.

Property management systems are following close behind with 73%, and 12% expect to start using a PMS – Global Vacation Rental Report 2022 Source: Rentals United & Transparent

  • Dynamic pricing

A scientific method of managing prices and maximizing revenue. It automates your pricing by using analytics, reflecting the changes and increasing profits according to the number of people interested in certain listings. According to the study, 49% of property management companies use a dynamic pricing tool, and 26% is expecting to start in 2022.

  • Keyless entry

These are keyless entry systems to speed up and streamline the arrival of your guests. This means that no tenant will be locked out because they lost or forgot their keys somewhere. Instead, they simply enter the code and enter the property, it’s that simple! An amazing time saver for both managers and customers.

Some of these softwares can also bring to your business features such as: Identity Verification, Tourist Taxes, Deposits, and many more. In the Global Vacation Rental Report, 49% of property manager companies currently use keyless entry tools, and 18% expect to start in 2022.

  • Data Analytics

Using data, property managers can understand the current state of the vacation rental market in each location and get vital information about their rates, competitors, to better control supply and improve prices.

40% of property management companies use a data analysis tool, with 18% expecting to start in 2022 (Rentals United & Transparent)

These are some of the main vacation rental automation software’s used by property managers, but there are more and more new tools on the market. And for more specific goals or tasks: Check-in Management, Cleaning & Maintenance Tasks Management, Review management, etc.

How Hostify software can boost your productivity

Hostify is a leader property management solution that helps you simplify your life as a host/property manager.  A smart tool that combines PMS and Channel Manager systems.  It’s streamline your vacation rental business and gather all your interactions in a single dashboard. A tool to oversee every facet of your short term business and even handle hundreds of reservations at a time.

Automating most of your daily tasks to reduce your workload and increase productivity. From instant channel synchronizations with your main Ota’s, availability, guest communications, payments, cleaning tasks, and much more.

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