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Webinar: 31.01.2023

Discover the power of Hostify and Secure Stay integration


Karla Zaragoza, Customer Service Manager at SecureStay
Joan Cortes, CRO at Hostify

If you want to attend the webinar in Spanish follow this link.

Hostify offers a powerful, easy-to-use property management solution built to revolutionize the rental process by providing landlords with cutting-edge technology that is intuitive, fast and secure.

Let the guests in and let your worries out.

Unwanted guests and rental damages won’t let you sleep? Want to avoid parties at your property and protect your accommodation from possible damages caused by guests? And avoid fraud by collecting deposits online? Forget about that and watch your business grow while being protected!

We have the solution! Stay Secure. A software provider that will help you Protect your money and your rental properties.

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What to expect

During the webinar, you’ll discover how this integration helps property managers streamline their rental processes and enhances security for both owners and guests. From automated communication to advanced security measures, this integration makes it easier for you to manage your rentals effectively and with confidence.

Benefits for your vacation rental business

This partnership will let Hostify customers centrally manage their properties and automate their processes with our PMS, while protecting your properties from damage, fraud attempts with payments and deposits, ID verification, and much more with the SecureStay system.

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn how Hostify and Secure Stay can help you optimize your rentals in a secure and efficient way. Sign up for the webinar now and take the first step towards maximizing your rental potential!

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