Unlocking the Power of the Mid-Stay: Seizing Opportunities in Modern Property Management Industry


Joan Cortes – CRO, Hostify

Samuel Toribio – Head of Europe, Homelike

Fausto VieiraΒ  – Strategic Partnerships Lead, PriceLabs

David Uriarte – CEO & Co-Founder, Aticco Living

hostify mid term webinar


Did you know that by combining your traditional Short-Term rental stays with the new Mid-Term trend you can substantially increase your profits? Mid-Term stays are not only the strongest new trend in the market, but also the most cost-effective way to increase revenue and attract more guests.
This powerful and successful type of stay has emerged as the perfect blend between short and long term stays, unlocking a world of opportunities for property managers eager to enhance their profits.

Mid-Term rentals opens the door to a huge brand of benefits that are already succeeding among professionals in the industry:

Key topics:

Want to discover all the benefits, secrets and key to success in the Mid-Term rental market? This is your opportunity!

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