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New Check in Form Online to automate your arrivals

automate your check in form


You asked for it, and we listened! Today we are pleased to announce Hostify’s latest feature, the online check-in form! From now on, you can collect all the information about your reservations and guests from Hostify!

It’s a must-have tool for property management companies to effectively manage their rentals. Designed to ensure that you can easily collect booking and customer information ensuring smoother and more enjoyable experiences for your guests.

Managing registrations and identities in a globalized world can become an administrative headache. A bad registration process means less revenue in the future. Collecting this information and automatically synchronizing it with Hostify will help you streamline your pre-registration process and reduce manual work.

Benefits for hosts:

1.  Significantly improve your guests’ experience.
2.  Reduce your and your guests’ waiting time during check-in.
3.  Offer an online check-in that is unique in the industry.
4.  Forget tedious and manual processes, and automate your processes.
5.  All data generated will be stored in a secure cloud.



How it works

Organize your check-ins and check-outs by automatically confirming your clients’ arrival times, contact details, nationality, and much more.

  1. The first step is to contact your account manager and request the activation of the tool.
    Once you have confirmation that it is activated, go to  “www. app.hostify.com” and then click on “Automations” in the main menu tab.


Automations tools


Select “message automations” and create a new task by clicking on the “add new” option.


3. Fill in the requested fields: name, how and when you want to send it, and more. And add a message including in it the variable of the Check-in form. As you know, to locate this variable, go to “learn more” and look for it in the list. In this case it is: {{check_in_form_link}}



4. Once you have all the fields filled in, save the changes. And you will have the automation active! Every time a new booking comes in, an automatic and personalized message will be sent to the customer. An it would include the link to register online.



5. The client must fill in the form with his personal and reservation information: number of guests, dates, identity document, nationality, etc.


We are looking to extend the functionality down the road. And many more exciting product updates are on the way. Feel free to share your feedback with us, so we can continue to make Hostify the perfect solution for your management needs.