How an All in One Property Management App Makes Your Rental Business a Breeze

It’s the season of vacations and rentals are about to get busy with prospective guests. Property managers need a way to instantly access up-to-date information by importing all of their listings, historical and upcoming reservations, reviews, and messaging data from Airbnb with a simple click! Hostify is the perfect solution for managing vacation rentals more efficiently. 


Hositfy is an Airbnb property management software that helps property managers grow and work smarter. We automate all the complex processes and incorporate data from multiple sources and Airbnb accounts. 


Moreover, even if you are currently using another Airbnb app to manage your rental properties, don’t leave behind your historical data! With Hostify you can easily import historical reservation data, either by using our Excel import tool or via the API. Want our customer service team to migrate all your data for you? Hostify offers professional services to migrate your data from the old app to Hostify – hassle-free!


We’re a reliable channel manager for vacation rentals whose goal is to create the most advanced, easy-to-use management system for property managers. Starting at only $25/mo per unit + unlimited 24-hour Email & Chat Support, you are making the smart choice when switching to Hostify!


We’ll summarize the features and benefits of our service, how we work, and why you should choose us to help you manage all your vacation rentals.  


The Features of Hostify 


Hostify has many great features that are utilized by professional property managers and vacation rental owners. Our Airbnb management software system has helped many who have used our service to their advantage.

One feature of channel manager feature simplifies all your bookings across different channels such as Airbnb, Expedia, and among others. Another feature is a more unified inbox that gathers all your guests messages in one place. Automations on Hostify also help automate simple tasks like messaging, reviews, and pricing payments to boost productivity.

Another great feature is the ability to get your own free website that is modern, responsive, and mobile friendly for users. You can also integrate a simple payment processing system to make transactions as seamless as possible. 


Get direct reservations from your booking website or add them manually. Select the listing, rate and make relevant notes. We make it easy for you to.


Want more? How about custom messages and use dynamic variables to keep them personal. Preview them. Now they’re ready to be sent out through the Airbnb app, email, SMS – whichever you prefer. 


These are just some of the features that make up Hostify’s exceptional software system. Now we’ll go into the benefits of our software and how it can help you. 


The Many Benefits of Hostify


Hostify allows you to effectively manage your multiple bookings and track important analytics to further improve your service. When you use our service, you’ll also have the ability to track your rental data on your mobile phone with our very responsive design. You’ll also benefit from our routine customer support, who can help you make the transition to Hostify quickly and free of charge. 


Additionally, you’ll also have the added benefit of security to protect all your data and assets from being stolen or compromised. You’ll get regular DOS/DDOS security updates with a 99.95% uptake that ensures your regular data updates and professional network support.


We’re slowly working towards becoming the top choice for the vacation rentals industry and a reliable software for property managers all around. We’re continuing to improve our product so that we can ensure great customer satisfaction and ease of work. Naturally, great benefits of our service will follow, so we hope you choose Hostify as your ideal management system. 


Why Hostify is Right For You 


Hostify will ultimately help you manage your day-to-day operations and we’re always one step ahead in the vacation rental industry. We have had extensive experience and cooperation with the best property management companies that keeps our information up to date. Our service is right for you because we want to make the booking system more easier, faster, and efficient for both managers and renters. 


Want to Know More About Hostify? Here’s How to Get in Touch


Want to know more about our service? Interested in utilizing Hostify for your own rental service? 

To get in touch with us and send any of your detailed thoughts, questions, and concerns, please use our handy contact form to get started. We’ll be sure to get back to you with a prompt reply.


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