Events in the vacation rental industry you should know about: the complete guide

Vacation Rental Events for this 2024

The vacation rental sector has witnessed remarkable expansion over the past few years. As the desire for vacation rentals surges, it opens up a world of possibilities for property owners, managers and professionals in the industry to come together, gain insights, and form partnerships at industry gatherings. These events are the best opportunity for connecting with global experts, professionals, and enthusiasts, fostering the exchange of ideas and the exploration of the most recent advancements and trends in the vacation rental market. 

Want to know the most crucial short term rental events you shouldn’t miss this year? Keep reading and take a look at the best vacation rental events in the industry, ideal for networking and staying abreast of the latest innovations in this dynamic market.

Importance of vacation rental events for property management

Vacation rental events play a key role in driving the success of property management businesses. These gatherings offer a unique platform for property owners and managers to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the industry. By attending these events, professionals gain a competitive edge by connecting with industry leaders, exchanging ideas, and gaining insights into the latest trends and technologies. The comprehensive range of informative sessions and workshops available at these events empowers property managers to refine their skills, streamline operations, and provide exceptional guest experiences. Vacation rental events stand as places for innovation and knowledge exchange, propelling the property management domain into the forefront of the ever-evolving world of vacation rentals.

Which are the key events in the vacation rental industry?

The vacation rental sector is subjected to constant evolution, and this is because of the technological breakthroughs, evolving traveler tastes, and shifts in regulations. So, to maintain a competitive edge, professionals within the industry depend on their participation in some crucial events and conferences. These gatherings convene the foremost experts and offer a platform for networking, education, and dialogues addressing the most urgent challenges confronting the vacation rental sector.



Recharge, a premier annual conference in the vacation rental industry, is a global platform for experts exploring the latest trends and advancements. It brings together industry leaders, from owners to property managers, travel agents, and technology suppliers, fostering valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. With a mission to promote cooperation and drive innovation, Recharge offers a dynamic forum for sharing best practices and pioneering solutions to address current and future challenges in this ever-evolving industry. The recent edition unfolded in Lisbon on January 23rd and 24th, with the next event scheduled for Belfast, promising another remarkable gathering of industry luminaries.

  • Next call: 01/22/2024 – 01/23/2024
  • Where: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Scale Rentals

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Scale Rentals comprises exclusive conferences and events tailored for short-term rental industry professionals, focusing on property management and operations. As a preeminent gathering, it provides a platform for property management businesses aiming for sustainable and profitable expansion, featuring events like Scale Show, Scale Open, and Scale Local Conferences held at various global locations.

When & Where: 

  • Scale Marbella: Marbella, February 21, 2024
  • Scale Open Spain: Marbella, February 22, 2024
  • Scale South Africa: Cape Town, March 12, 2024
  • Scale Open South Africa: Cape Town, March 13, 2024
  • Scale Show: Barcelona, May 14-15, 2024 
  • Scale Open Global: Barcelona, May 16, 2024



The VRMA conferences, organized by the Vacation Rental Management Association in the United States (VRMA), are annual gatherings that provide a platform for knowledge exchange and networking within the vacation rental industry. Attendees can participate in educational sessions, panel discussions, and workshops tailored to various aspects of vacation rental management.

VRMA, dedicated to uniting professionals in the vacation rental sector, focuses on education, networking, and advocacy. Its mission is to strengthen and elevate the vacation rental management industry by empowering members through resources, training, and conferences to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

For 2024, VRMA has scheduled several events globally, starting with the 2024 VRMA European Conference in March, followed by the 2024 VRMA Spring Forum in April, the 2024 VRMA Executive Summit in May, and the 2024 VRMA International Conference in October.

When & Where: 

  • March 4-5, 2024: 2024 VRMA European Conference, Paris, France
  • April 15-16, 2024: 2024 VRMA Spring Forum, New Orleans, LA
  • May 29-31, 2024: 2024 VRMA Executive Summit, Boca Raton, FL
  • October 14-17, 2024: 2024 VRMA International Conference, Phoenix, AZ

Vacation Rental World Summit

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The Vacation Rental World Summit is an annual in-person gathering that brings together professionals and enthusiasts in the vacation rental industry. It serves as a central hub for networking and knowledge exchange, highlighting the latest trends, strategies, and innovations. Attendees, including hosts, property managers, and industry experts, actively engage in seminars, workshops, and discussions, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing valuable insights and best practices. This summit is designed to cultivate continuous learning and equip individuals with the tools and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of vacation rentals and short-term accommodations.

  • Next call: 10/03/2024 – 10/04/2024
  • Where: Porto, Portugal

ShortStay Greece Conference

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The annual ShortStay Greece Conference, held from February 18th to 19th this year, is a focal point for professionals in the short-stay and vacation rental sectors. This event facilitates the exchange of valuable information and experiences, sparks discussions on emerging trends and challenges, and encourages business partnerships. Featuring esteemed keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, and insightful workshops, the conference also hosts exhibitors offering goods and services tailored to the vacation rental and travel industries. Topics covered include technology, marketing strategies, regulatory guidelines, and sustainability. As plans for next year’s conference are in progress, the exact dates for the event in February are yet to be confirmed.

  • Next call: February, 2024
  • Where: Athens, Greece

ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin, a leading global travel industry trade fair organized by Messe Berlin, annually attracts over 10,000 exhibitors and 160,000 visitors from around the world. This vibrant event, held from March 7th to 9th this year, covers various travel sectors such as vacation rentals, transportation, destinations, technology, and services. Next year’s dates are set for March 5th to 7th. Beyond the expansive exhibition, ITB Berlin provides a crucial platform for professionals to showcase offerings, establish connections, and stay informed about industry trends. The fair also features conferences discussing topics like the evolving landscape of the vacation rental sector.

  • Next call: 03/05/2024 – 03/07/2024
  • Where: Berlin


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Shortyz, hosted annually by International Hospitality Media (IHM) in the UK, is a prestigious awards ceremony celebrating excellence in the vacation rental industry. Recognizing outstanding individuals and companies across categories like Best Technology Provider, the event serves as a valuable platform for professionals to showcase contributions and fosters a sense of community among industry leaders. The 2023 event took place on April 26th, and the highly anticipated 2024 edition is scheduled for April 23rd.

  • Next call: 04/23/2024
  • Where: London, UK

Short Stay Summit

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The Short Stay Summit, a collaboration between the Short Term Accommodation Association and EHHA, is a pivotal annual conference for vacation rental professionals across Europe. The 2023 event occurred on April 27 in London, and the upcoming 2024 edition is slated for April 24 in the UK’s capital. The Summit focuses on fostering insightful discussions about trends, strategies, and solutions in the vacation rental market. It provides a platform for networking and learning from industry leaders, covering topics such as property management, marketing techniques, technological innovation, and government regulations. By addressing these themes, the Short Stay Summit empowers individuals to stay ahead in the ever-evolving realm of vacation rentals.

  • Next call: 04/24/2024
  • Where: London, UK

Vitur Summit

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Vitur Summit in Malaga stands out as a unique event in the industry, bringing together top leaders, managers, and European institutions. Distinguished by high-level presentations, innovative content, and exceptional networking opportunities, Vitur Summit offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Next call: 05/08/2024 – 05/09/2024
  • Where: Malaga, Spain

The Book Direct Show

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The Book Direct Show unites professionals and stakeholders in the vacation rental industry, focusing on the theme of “booking direct.” In 2023, it took place on May 16th, with the anticipated 2024 edition on the same date. The event offers enriching seminars, presentations, and discussions exploring strategies, technologies, and trends around bypassing third-party platforms. Championing direct bookings, the show empowers attendees with knowledge and tools to maximize profits and enhance guest experiences in the evolving vacation rental market.

  • Next call: 05/16/2024
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain

Urban Living

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The Urban Living Festival acts as a central gathering point for urban visionaries and financial backers who are revolutionizing the landscape of hospitality and real estate in urban settings. Spearheaded by the International Hospitality Media (IHM), unites imaginative city dwellers and forward-thinking investors who are leading the charge in this industry. Through the creation of a worldwide community, the festival promotes cooperative dialogues and the exploration of continually evolving methods for selecting where we reside, work, and embrace the urban lifestyle.

For this year’s edition, the event unfolded in London on the dates of July 5 and 6. Looking ahead, the plan is to host next year’s gathering in the same location and during the same month. However, the precise date for the upcoming event has yet to be determined.

  • Next call: July, 2024
  • Where: London, UK

EXPORV (Expo Renta Vacacional)

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ExpoRV Latam Summit, a significant event in Mexico organized by ExpoRV, APAR, and Manuel Lozano, is a premier gathering for property managers, hosts, and investors in the vacation rental industry. This occasion features congress shows, conferences, and networking events, providing an exclusive platform for attendees to gain knowledge, forge connections, and stay updated on the latest trends. With renowned international speakers and industry experts, ExpoRV is an opportunity to broaden understanding, exchange experiences, and explore promising business prospects in the thriving vacation rental industry.

  • Next call: tbd
  • Where: Cancun, Mexico


Staying abreast of the dynamic vacation rental industry is crucial for professionals seeking an edge. Industry events are key to achieving this, offering valuable networking opportunities and a platform to learn about the latest trends and advancements.

With knowledge of the industry’s significant events at your fingertips, don’t let them slip through! These events provide insights, networking, and a chance to maintain a leading position. Mark these upcoming events on your calendar to benefit from knowledge and connections. Engage with industry experts, gather vital information, and become an exceptional property manager. Forge new friendships along the way!

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