Best Vacation Rental TV Shows For Property Managers

Surely, like all of us, you also enjoy watching a good TV series, and it is one of your favorite plans. What if we told you that besides enjoying watching good TV series, they can also help you improve your business and increase your profits? 

In this article we will be exploring the best vacation rental TV shows. For the industry of vacation rentals and property management, these TV shows offer unique insights, expert advice, and a deep dive into various aspects of the vacation rental industry. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your properties, looking for tips on property management, or aiming to stay updated with the latest industry trends, these shows are essential viewing for property managers striving to excel in their field.

What can you learn from vacation rental TV Shows?

Vacation rental TV offers valuable market insights by showcasing different vacation destinations and property types, helping you identify emerging trends and popular locations for potential investment opportunities. These shows often emphasize the importance of well-designed and well-maintained properties, inspiring you to enhance your rental units’ aesthetics and amenities, thus attracting more guests. Vacation rental TV shows can also improve your customer service skills. By observing how hosts on these shows interact with guests and address their needs, you can learn valuable tips for delivering exceptional hospitality.

These shows can educate property managers on the importance of effective marketing and property presentation. They provide ideas for optimizing spaces, decorating, and staging properties to maximize appeal. Additionally, they can help you understand guests’ expectations and preferences, which can inform your property management strategies.

These shows can be a source of inspiration for your own marketing efforts, as well. You can borrow ideas for promotional content, photography, and even branding, all of which can help you stand out in a competitive vacation rental market. Vacation rental TV shows are, undoubtedly, a great way to gain really useful information and knowledge in a really interesting, entertaining and easy way.

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Best Vacation Rental TV Shows For Property Managers

In this article, we want to provide you with a selection of vacation rental TV shows that are more than just entertainment: they’re incredibly valuable resources for property managers. If you want to get inspiration for your properties, learn valuable tips on property management, or want to stay updated with the latest trends in the vacation rental industry, these TV shows are essential viewing for property managers looking to elevate their game.

Matt Landau’s The Vacation Rental Show 

In this web series, where you can discover the full episodes in Youtube, the renowned vacation rental expert, Matt Landau, unveils a mesmerizing world of holiday getaways. With his unique storytelling approach, Landau takes viewers on a global journey to unravel the essence of vacation rentals. He immerses himself in the evolving realm of travel, where personalized experiences reign supreme. Along the way, Landau engages with hosts and guests, delving deep into the heart of short-term rentals, all in pursuit of uncovering the true spirit of authenticity.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

Property managers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance the overall guest experience. It’s no longer just about offering a beautiful property; it’s about curating a remarkable journey for each traveler. If you’re eager to gain firsthand insights into the evolving landscape of travel and discover the kind of accommodations that modern-day explorers seek, this captivating vacation rental show is a must-watch. Prepare to witness firsthand how people are venturing across the globe and the unique stays they desire, all while gaining invaluable knowledge to elevate your own rental business.

Scott’s Vacation House Rules

Embark on a thrilling journey with Scott McGillivray, the vacation rentals guru, as he takes on the challenge of revitalizing worn-out vacation properties into lucrative rental ventures. In this show, you can witness how he gives new life to tired accommodations, unlocking their full potential to generate substantial income, creating captivating and profitable vacation rentals.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

Centered on the realm of vacation rentals, this initiative offers invaluable insights drawn from Scott’s extensive expertise. Property managers stand to benefit from a diverse range of topics, including property transformation, aesthetic enhancements, strategic promotion, and astute entrepreneurship. The goal is to empower property managers to optimize the profitability of their rental properties.

You can find this series in multiple platforms, including Max, Max Amazon Channel, Discovery+ Amazon Channel, DIRECTV, Discovery+, HGTV and fuboTV.

Vacation Rental Potential

As a property manager, another must-to-see show is Vacation Rental Potential, airing on the A&E Network and Apple TV, where you’ll meet Holly Baker, a seasoned real estate authority and an established vacation rental proprietor. In this exciting series, individuals with dreams of venturing into the world of vacation rentals bring their location preferences and budgetary constraints to Holly’s attention. She, in turn, guides them through a journey of exploring diverse properties that hold promising potential for a thriving vacation rental venture.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

The show’s host brings a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience in the realm of real estate, with a sharp focus on the vacation rental sector. This enables her to give valuable insights on the nuances to consider when venturing into your own vacation property investment. For viewers contemplating their journey into vacation rentals, the program offers a unique opportunity to gauge potential earnings per night, drawing from the area’s average nightly rates.

Distinguishing itself from traditional property shopping shows, this concept takes an innovative approach by focusing on the vacation rental market exclusively. It goes beyond the surface, offering viewers expert guidance and insider tips for making informed decisions when embarking on their personal vacation rental journey.

Stay Here

In this Netflix original series, a renowned interior designer Genevieve Gorder joins forces with a seasoned real estate authority, offering their expertise to elevate the status of vacation rental properties. Together, they guide owners in turning their underperforming spaces into highly sought-after, five-star vacation homes.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

Much like the typical home improvement series, this show immerses viewers in the complete renovation journey, guided by seasoned experts. What sets this program apart is its incorporation of marketing strategies and the ingenious revamping of the hosts’ property listings, offering actionable takeaways for enhancing your own short-term rental enterprise.

Home renovation shows featuring expert guidance consistently deliver a heightened blend of entertainment and educational value, and Stay Here is no exception. Furthermore, it doesn’t shy away from tackling the transformation of intriguing and distinctive properties, such as houseboats and firehouses, often accompanied by touching narratives that infuse each episode with heartwarming and delightful elements.

Amazing Interiors 

In Amazing Interiors, a series that you can find on Netflix and created by Paul Woolf, viewers are taken on a journey through the hidden treasures of seemingly ordinary homes. These residences hold remarkable secrets within, boasting interiors that are nothing short of extraordinary. The great variety of designs that are shown in the series are a testament to the limitless possibilities of interior decor. While the idea of transforming your own living space into a sci-fi museum, reviving a vintage houseboat, or immersing every corner in vibrant pink may not align with your personal taste, this show serves as a boundless source of inspiration. It encourages viewers to embrace the unconventional and push the boundaries of design, even if it’s just for a short-term rental. 

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

This program gives a breath of fresh air into the real estate entertainment landscape and has garnered a favorable reception among its viewers. The show effectively showcases how property owners infuse their unique interests and passions into their real estate ventures, creating an engaging and captivating experience that resonates with both enthusiasts and those less familiar with the hosting world.

Income Property

Unveiling a fresh take on property transformations, this HGTV series that you can also find in Atresmedia you will meet Scott McGilivray to revolve around the art of revitalizing distressed properties. With a keen emphasis on renovation and contemporary interior design, the show aims to unlock the full earning potential of these homes for their owners.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

Despite its primary focus on long-term rental properties rather than the vacation rental market, this show manages to offer valuable insights and inspiration to vacation rental property managers. Whether seeking ideas for interior design or contemplating renovations, viewers can glean helpful tips from the show’s expertise.

This show remains a valuable resource for vacation rental homeowners, offering a wealth of ideas and guidance for enhancing the interior design of their own properties. 

Selling Sunset

Netflix’s Selling Sunset boldly showcases opulence as it delves into the lives of The Oppenheim Group’s top-tier real estate agents, who navigate the high-stakes world of selling multi-million-dollar luxury homes in the coveted Beverly Hills/West Hollywood region of the United States.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

For luxury homeowners, the show provides an aspirational glimpse into the art of preparing and adorning lavish vacation home accommodations. Furthermore, it offers an exclusive peek into the expectations of guests who might consider booking a high-end Airbnb experience.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is a television series that is on Netflix and that explores remarkable architectural marvels from around the globe. Hosted by renowned architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin, each episode takes viewers on a visually stunning journey to visit one-of-a-kind residences, showcasing cutting-edge designs, breathtaking locations, and innovative construction techniques. This show celebrates the fusion of creativity and nature, offering a glimpse into the world’s most awe-inspiring and unconventional homes.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

This show offers property managers valuable insights, inspiring them with unique design concepts and architectural trends. This knowledge can enhance property aesthetics, engage clients, and elevate marketing efforts. Additionally, it serves as an educational tool for staff and a conversation starter at industry events, potentially leading to networking opportunities. By drawing inspiration from extraordinary homes, property managers can enhance their services and make informed decisions, ultimately improving property management practices.

Property Brothers

Property Brothers is a popular reality TV series featuring identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott and you can find it in Mitele. The show follows them as they help homeowners buy and transform fixer-upper properties into dream homes. Drew is a real estate agent who finds potential properties, while Jonathan is a skilled contractor who handles the renovations. Together, they offer innovative design solutions, manage construction challenges, and ultimately deliver stunning, customized homes within budget constraints, making homeowners’ dreams a reality.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

This TV series is a valuable resource for property managers due to its insights into real estate transformation. Property managers can learn about optimizing spaces, budget management, and enhancing property values by watching the show. It also offers strategies for dealing with renovation challenges and client expectations. This knowledge can help property managers make informed decisions, better communicate with clients, and improve property management practices, ultimately leading to more successful and profitable outcomes.

Log Cabin Living

This television series explores the allure of rustic living. The show, which you can find in Amazon Prime Video, follows individuals and families as they embark on the journey of finding and purchasing their dream log cabin homes in various scenic locations. Viewers witness the challenges and joys of selecting, customizing, and settling into these cozy abodes, highlighting the unique lifestyle and natural beauty associated with log cabin living.

Why should every property manager watch it?: 

Log Cabin Living offers property managers valuable insights into the appeal of rustic and log cabin-style properties. By watching the show, property managers can gain a better understanding of the specific needs and preferences of tenants or buyers seeking such homes. This knowledge can inform property selection, renovation decisions, and marketing strategies, ultimately enabling property managers to cater to a niche market effectively and maximize their property management efforts.

In the world of vacation rentals and property management, TV shows prove to be more than just entertainment; they can be valuable assets for business growth. While enjoying your favorite series, you can simultaneously enhance your property management skills, attract more guests, and increase your profits.

These shows offer profound insights into market trends, property presentation, and effective marketing. Moreover, they can elevate your marketing efforts, making your rentals stand out in a competitive market.

Incorporate these shows into your viewing routine, and you’ll find yourself gaining invaluable knowledge in an engaging and enjoyable way. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to boost your property management business through the power of television. And if you want to just make your property management a breeze, then also rely on a property management software like Hostify and just forget to worry about the most tedious tasks. Book your free demo now!


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