Hostify + EcoSensor Partnership



Ecosensor is a smart energy management system that uses wireless sensors to optimize energy consumption in vacation rental properties and reduce costs. Ecosensor is technology at the service of savings and convenience, effectively detects human presence, and turns off televisions and air conditioners when there is no one in the room, thus avoiding unnecessary energy expenditure. It offers multiple advantages, such as significant savings on the electricity bill and fully autonomous operation.

Integration and Functionality

Property managers using Hostify can now rationalize their short term rental property energy consumption and leverage on the multiple advantages of using Ecosensor’s technology. This partnership offers numerous benefits, addressing a common issue where guests often leave the property without turning off energy-draining devices like air conditioners, leading to inflated electricity bills. Ecosensor’s system utilizes advanced infrared technology to accurately detect human presence, differentiating it from pets, plants, or moving objects like curtains. By integrating this technology, property managers can effortlessly reduce energy waste, enhance cost savings, and improve overall guest experiences.

integration benefits


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