3 dicas para simplificar a gestão da revisão dos seus imóveis

review management
  A opinião dos hóspedes é, para um gestor imobiliário, um dos pilares mais importantes e decisivos que determinam o sucesso do negócio. O marketing de boca a boca sempre foi um dos métodos mais eficazes e bem-sucedidos de promoção, e decisivo quando se trata de gerar opinião entre potenciais clientes. Atualmente, com a Internet, as opiniões não se limitam à palavra de boca em boca, e podemos encontrar milhares de plataformas dedicadas exclusivamente ao arquivo de opiniões e revisões às quais os clientes podem aceder e recorrer quando querem obter informações relacionadas com propriedades e alugueres de férias.   Nowadays with the advent of the internet, reviews are not just word of mouth, and we can find thousands of platforms dedicated exclusively to the storage of opinions and reviews that customers can access and resort to when they want to get information about properties and vacation rentals.   Therefore, ensuring that guests have good things to say about your properties is one of the most important aspects that a property manager must take into account when managing your business. But it is also essential to know how to manage those reviews so that they work properly, and help you to improve your guest experiences.    

Porque é que a gestão das revisões é importante?

When we talk about review management we refer to the whole process of monitoring and taking care of the opinions and comments that customers give about a company through the Internet.   Performing this process correctly is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the business, guaranteeing your future clients that your properties are completely trustworthy. Therefore it will be necessary to establish a strategy for responding to these reviews, in order to avoid mistakes and solve problems quickly.    

3 tips to simplify review management

If you want to know how to manage your reviews properly and ensure that your properties convey the image you want, continue reading this article and learn the most important tips.  

Create a review management strategy

Having a proper strategy for managing your reviews will allow you to control all the comments left by your customers, and ensure that your properties and vacation rentals convey a true and positive image. When establishing a strategy for your properties and vacation rentals, you will need to consider factors such as how often to review reviews posted with your customers; which reviews to respond to and how; who will be in charge of responding to them; etc. For this it is important to have a professional team in this field that knows how to manage customer reviews, how to deal with them and establish the necessary mechanisms.  

Don’t let unanswered review pile up

Leaving many reviews unanswered will mean that your properties will convey a certain negative image, giving the impression of lack of transparency, or lack of dedication to your business. Therefore, you should focus on responding with the right frequency and be proactive in communicating with your customers. Focusing your efforts on preventing your reviews from piling up and responding quickly to your customers’ reviews will make them feel cared for, valued, and that their opinions are heard.  

Use the right software

Managing reviews on different platforms can be tedious and complicated. That’s why for property managers, using a software for the automation and management of reviews is the best option. Thanks to the incorporation of a software like Hostify, you will manage and control your guests’ reviews, in a totally centralized way. You will be able to carry out your strategy simultaneously and all at once, guaranteeing the lack of errors and a higher quality of management. All this will also allow you to save time and reduce your worries by automating them with different rules. Review your Airbnb clients automatically, create custom or predefined review templates, use dynamic variables to personalize them, and much more functionalities.      

Additional advice

These are the main lines of action you should take to manage your reviews in the most effective way. But there are also more actions that will allow you to improve your performance and carry out proper and effective review management. Among them, some of the most important are to identify fake reviews and remove them to prevent them from transmitting a negative image of your properties; communicate directly with your customers and encourage them to leave a positive review; use your social networks to inform your followers of the review platforms you are on and have them access to leave their opinion; and so on.   Now that you know how to manage your reviews in the best way, it’s time to get down to work and dedicate yourself to attending to your customers’ reviews, and focus on the strategy that will give the final boost to your business and listings. Contact our expert team or book a Demo and know how Hostify can help you to manage your Airbnb reviews and improve your guest’s experiences.