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by Hostify 16.11.2020

Hostify has a range of great features that are used by vacation rental owners and professional property managers alike. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things we offer.

Are you looking for a way to streamline your business, multiple rental properties on Airbnb, Expedia, and more? Search no more! Hostify is an Airbnb property management software specially made to help you work smartly and efficiently. By introducing automation in various processes and incorporating data from multiple sources Hostify cuts down on time wasted to let you get to what’s important. Hostify lets Airbnb hosts login easily to jump-start into a streamlined experience quickly. 

What can Hostify do for me? How it unifies and automates


Hostify has a range of great features that are used by vacation rental owners and professional property managers alike. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things we offer.


One of the biggest draws of Hositfy is our channel manager which simplifies down all your bookings no matter where they are across different channels such as Airbnb,, Expedia, and many others. Along with this Hostify offers a unified inbox that gathers all of the guests’ messages in one place. 


These two features get everything in one place for you and then with automation possibilities on top, you can automate certain things such as reviews, messaging, and pricing payments to boost productivity even more. Reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks by having customizable and easy to use templates to automate time-consuming aspects of customer communication

Have your own booking website


One great feature is the free website, create your online presence and claim it with a modem responsive, mobile-friendly website ready to take bookings. The website is completely commission-free, absolutely no OTA! The website offers a simple payment processing system, making your transactions as seamless as possible. 



Keep everything on track with ease


By working with analytics and data you can make informed decisions towards your business and its growth. Knowing things such as peak seasons, most popular properties or locations, biggest demographics, and more can all be gathered from the right analytic data backing you up. Hostify provides charts on revenue; including an overview and breakdown, cash flow, occupancy rate, revenue by channel, potential revenue sorted by each property, average nightly rate and more.

Overbookings will be an issue no more


Overbookings is always an over looming threat once you use multiple platforms and have multiple locations. This is why Hostify offers a fully integrative multi-calendar as well, allowing you to view all your properties and monitor all the occupancies at a glance. This calendar is interactive, letting you perform certain bulk actions like updating availability, rates, minimum stay. 


Reservations also limit the possibility of double bookings, Hostify instantly gets all reservations and synchronizes it along with your other channels. At a glance, the reservation page includes guest information, messages, payments, notices and any other custom fields to be fully personalizable towards your needs.

Benefits of Hostify to add under your belt


Tracking analytics and managing multiple bookings helps to let you bring out the best and most in what you offer your customers. But this isn’t just available on desktop, Hostify is available on the go and fully mobile responsive to fit your busy lifestyle in any way. If there any issues, questions, or concerns Hostify offers routine customer service to put your mind at ease and get you on track to the smoothest transition into Hostify fully free of charge. 


With everything in one space you might be concerned about security, and we are too. That’s why hostify offers DOS/DDOS security updates with an of uptake 99.95% that ensures to protect your data updates and professional network support.

Turn to the Best Airbnb Property Management App in the Market - Hostify!


We believe in working towards being one of the top choices for the vacation rental industry and trustworthy software for property managers reliably. We work to continuously improve our product to ensure that you are getting on the best and are fully satisfied. 


Make your day-to-day operations and management work the smoothest it has ever been. Hostify works to be always one step ahead in the vacation rental industry, by using our extensive experience with the best property management companies. Our service is perfect for both managers and renters by making the booking system faster, easier, and more efficient.


If you’d like to learn more about Hostify and would like to request a free demo, email or use our handy contact form with your thoughts, questions, or concerns.