No more uncertainty! Hostify and Keydata are now connected

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by Hostify 17.03.2021

Tired of collecting data from multiple places to see how your business is performing?

Introducing our new integration with Key Data, a leading platform that offers a trusted data source for vacation rental professionals. 

Get a suite of business intelligence tools that tell the story of your company's key metrics visually, with easy-to-understand dashboards of the 30+ KPIs that drive your business.

Hostify customers will now have access to KeyData Dashboard's real-time, benchmarking tools and electronic data integrations.

Gather all your vacation rental and market data in one place. Visualizes your business KPIs and focuses on improving performance, increasing revenue and saving time. Provides full visibility into your most important business data, while offering the only direct source data in the industry, comparing your performance versus what your competitors are doing.


Key Data provides instant analysis of every unit in your portfolio, detailing the performance of each. Filterable by room, zone and number of seats provide an in-depth view of each unit's performance, identifying both strengths and problem areas.


Key Data is the industry’s only direct-source data dashboard that shows how you stack up to your competitors.


Pacing charts offer a view of future performance, comparing today’s bookings with the same day last year.


Guest and feeder heat maps identify where your guests are coming from and which markets are growing fastest, allowing you to allocate resources when and where you see opportunity.

You can start using KeyData right inside Hostify today. Want to know more about what this service has to offer to your rental business? Contact us using our handy contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.